Daily Self-Care for Metaphysical Practitioners

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Updated March 10, 2016

Daily self-care is important, no matter what your calling or career is.For metaphysicians, aka metaphysical practitioners, self-care is best approached from both the usual/practical, and also from some of our own healing services.Daily Self-Care Practices for Metaphysicians (energy healers,psychics, Tarot readers, etc.)

Why Is It Important?

Self-care, in general, is important because it positions us to be our best selves; to show up 100% in our day-to-day life; to show up 100% for our loved ones and for our clients.Self-care is the difference between getting through the day, and getting the most out of every day.Wouldn't you rather get the most out of every day?

Daily Self-Care Suggestions for Metaphysical Practitioners

Get enough sleep.

What's enough? Eight hours is a widely-respected ideal average to target. That may mean going to bed a little earlier than you're used to. It'll be worth it. (Be aware that our bodies needs vary, to a person. Seven or nine hours could be ideal for some.)

Drink water, and plenty of it.

What's plenty? We divide our body weight in half to discover our "plenty." If it's 150, then half that weight is 75. Drink that number in ounces of water every day. Want to give it a little flavor? Add one drop of lemon or peppermint or orange essential oil to a glass or glass bottle of water.

Eat mostly whole foods.

What are whole foods? They're fruits, vegetables, beans and lentils, and maybe lean meat, and/or fish. They're foods that are eaten in the same basic form as they were grown; whole and unprocessed. (Want to take it to another level? Say "goodbye" to white sugar and the products it's found in.)

Ground, energize, clear and protect.

Metaphysical practitioners work with energy, including spirit energy. In order to be effective and safe, the importance of a first-thing-in-the-morning protocol that grounds, energizes, clears and protects you energetically can't be minimized. (Don't forget the spaces you live and work in.)

Balance your chakras.

This is right up there with the previous suggestion. After you finish the protocol above, check in with your chakras and make sure they're functioning optimally so you can function optimally.

Meditate and/or pray.

The more you turn inward, the more you expand outward; and by "more you expand outward," I mean the more you'll have to bring to your world at large. Spiritual connection is not only helpful, it's vital. 10 minutes a day is a great goal to strive for. Work up from there, if you wish.

Keep a journal.

Whether you write a few words a day or a few pages a day, journaling allows you to get extraneous stuff out of your head, and provides both space and clarity for more important matters. (It doesn't have to be fancy and expensive; a basic notebook will do nicely.)

Use essential oils.

Specifically, use quality therapeutic ones. Use them when you balance your chakras, and when you meditate and/or pray, if nothing else. They'll support your overall wellbeing at the mind, body and spirit levels, and they'll support you to take your abilities further. (Learn more about conventional and unconventional uses.)Those suggestions are the minimum I'd recommend to practitioners who do work similar to what I do.Is there anything else you do for daily self-care that isn't listed here? I'd love to hear about it. Please share your wisdom in comments below.

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