About Me…


Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive, Healer

We’re here to live equally as human and soul. That’s my belief, born of offering sacred services as per my soul purpose. And that’s my life. It’s how I strive to be, every single day.

In 2009, I was deeply guided to pursue Reiki classes. Through those classes, intuitive abilities I dismissed out of fear and uncertainty rose into my consciousness for review. Those abilities were dusty and more than a little creaky from non-use. They also freaked me out a bit, although not to the extent they had when I was much younger.

Once the ball that was my spiritual awakening and evolution began rolling, it was unstoppable. And I didn’t want it to stop, because at every turn I found myself breathless with exhilaration and gratitude.


Pieces of myself I didn’t realize were missing returned to me. I felt a wholeness and connectedness I thought was only possible in novels and movies about mystics and wizards and witches and such.There is so much more to this human life than I was led to believe; than I was taught. And that’s why the work I do is so important to me.

My soul work/soul purpose is to support you to reclaim the missing pieces of your life... the magic and mystery of life. It’s to remind you of your greatness and power - your truth - beyond the scope of the everyday human norm.

In a nutshell…

  • I channel messages from the angel and spirit realms, and align with their energy to offer energy healing.

  • I'm highly adept with all the clair senses.

  • I'm a medium or, as my spirit team puts it, I "engage with the ancestors."


  • I’m a creator. Whether it's a writing, a drawing, a painting, a vision board, a recipe, and/or a mess, creativity is my core processor.

Oh, and…

  • I'm a geek. New software and technology (and Star Wars) excite me.

  • I love water. It's my favorite drink.

  • I have three brothers and a sister. (I’m second in line, age-wise.)

  • I'm a Libra sun, Scorpio moon, Cancer ascendent with strong Virgo tendencies.

  • I love well-crafted TV shows (This Is Us, The OA, Queer Eye, Stranger Things, The Crown) and movies (Arrival, Bohemian Rhapsody, A Star Is Born).

  • I enjoy reading. (Please connect with me on GoodReads.)

  • I'm immensely grateful for quality time with family and friends.

My certifications

♥ Usui Reiki Master Teacher
♥ Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church
♥ Life Coaching*
♥ Holistic Nutrition*
♥ Hypnosis*
♥ Mind-Body Transformational Psychology*,**
♥ Holistic Wellness Practitioner*

*From Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

Mailing Address (No spam)
PO Box 413
Epping NH 03042-0413