Happy Clients

Ellen is a very gifted channel who I’ve had a few phone readings with over the past several years. This time I elected to do a one question oracle/tarot reading by email. I am also an intuitive and sometimes need to get an outside perspective on decisions I need to make (to get out of my own way, lol). Ellen’s responses were wonderfully articulate, exactly on point across the board, and provided me with the assurance that I was going down the right path. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants insight into all areas of their life from someone who is real, authentic, caring and (again) gifted!
— Susan L., Arizona

I have been speaking to Ellen a few times a year for the better part of three years. She provides empathic, kind and compassionate readings and makes sure to deliver information in a digestible fashion. Ellen has helped me work through life changing moves, relationship endings, job transitions and new beginnings with grace and ease. Her energy work can be felt states away and her ability to tap into my energy and guides is effortless and accurate. I am so grateful to have Ellen as someone I can turn to for guidance and support.

— Ellie C., Texas

Ellen is truly a beacon of light within our world. She has cleared my buildings of energies I knew were present that did not need to be there. Ellen has also been an amazing help with a couple of situations in my life. I’m always amazed with her depth of ‘knowing’, her gentle demeanor, her compassion and kindness. She goes well above and beyond expectations! Weaving words and images in a way you can keep reflecting back on. Each session with Ellen is a treasure that leave me full of joy, energy, and an inner knowing of where to take the next steps on my life’s path.

— Heather K., Alaska

I was definitely not prepared for the intensity of a reading with Ellen. Some of the things she communicated from my spirit guides were so accurate and hit so close to home that it quite honestly freaked me out. But once I went back to the reading a second time, I found not only were her messages spot-on, but she also provided very practical, down-to-earth ways for me to put those messages into practice. She didn't just dump a bunch of freakishly accurate insight into my lap - she gently suggested what I could chose to do with it. I felt empowered to start making positive changes immediately.

— Trish F., Pennsylvania

I can not begin to tell you how life altering the reading was. I did not like what I was told, however, as time passes I hear it... I see it... I am applying the knowledge to my life. For months, I have been unable to eat. Last night, after my reading, I was able to indulge... My mind is clear, I am no longer tied to the past other than circumstance. What a gift! Thank you, Ellen!

— Julie B., Colorado


Ellen... Feel so grateful for this experience with you and thrilled to have the communication open as such! Little recollections surface and fade and all of it brings a sense of peace... Very grateful!

— Laura D., Maine

From my heart you have been so much help and guidance to me this last year. You are truly a gifted caring wonder.

— Sherry O., Alaska

Ellen is truly wonderful and powerful in her readings. She did another one yesterday for my son and myself and it is VERY helpful. Often we need excellent guidance and insight in stressful situations. Ellen is at the top of my list of people to call for guidance in important matters. And she is so deLIGHTful.

— Don S., Georgia

I just love, love, love the whole experience!!!! My favorite part is always connecting with a very special person on the other side. You are a kind, gentle, caring and compassionate person with a truly amazing gift. Your gift really does help, guide, enlighten and validate what we need to hear. Thanks again!

— Diane M., Delaware