You Are Psychic

It's true. You are psychic. So am I. So is everyone.

During a session yesterday, the following card came up for my client:

Never-Ending Story: That story we tell ourselves that begins with "I'm not worthy." In this case, it's "I'm not worthy of connecting with the spirit realm." (Wrong story!) You are worthy. And you're psychic.

Here's the message that came with it:

We see [client's name] must allow herself to give up the story she has told herself that says, 'I am not worthy of being open to the spirit.'

You Are Worthy

The message struck me almost as deeply as it struck her.

Her spirit team, in outing a perceived absence of self-worth in regard to her ability to connect with the spirit realm, reexposed a nerve I've noticed in the broader circles I'm part of.

It reminded me of a pervasive belief that for someone to connect with the spirit realm and angels and elementals, they have to be gifted. They have to be someone separate from the rest of us. They have to be special.

It isn't true, yet the belief prevails. And pervades.

Take Theresa Caputo, for example. (I love her, by the way.)

In the opening sequence of her TV show, Long Island Medium, the voiceover says, "I'm Theresa Caputo. I like to think of myself as a typical Long Island mom. But I have a very special gift. I talk to the dead."

That "very special gift" is one we all have when we enter the Earth plane.

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You Are Psychic

We are all blessed with the ability to make connections with the spirit, angel, and elemental realms.

Let me repeat:

We are all blessed with the ability to make connections with the spirit, angel, and elemental realms.

It's just that most of us forget. And some of us remember and yet are scared. And some of us remember and yet don't practice.

And so it happens that a precious few, like Theresa, stand out as singularly gifted.

It isn't a gift that only certain people receive. It's an ability every single one of us is born with.

Take that in and integrate it into your being, please. Wrap yourself in it. Bathe in it.

♥ You - yes, you! - can open a line of communication with your loved ones in spirit.

♥ You - yes, you! - can open a line of communication with your spirit guides and the ascended masters.

♥ You - yes, you! - can open a line of communication with your angels.

♥ You - yes, you! - can open a line of communication with the elemental realms. (Fairies, etc.)

There is no secret society you need to join. There is no user's manual you need to read. There is no Godly by-your-leave you need to receive.

Guidance Can Come In Handy

Might you need some guidance? Sure. We can all use guidance.

That guidance might serve to encourage and empower you, and perhaps clarify your spiritual strengths, and maybe even help define the best way to connect with the various light realms. (All the realms mentioned above are of the light, to be clear.)

The power, though, lies within you, just as Glinda reveals to Dorothy at the end of The Wizard of Oz.

The strength of the power is tempered only by your readiness and your acceptance.

As if to emphasize this point, which I was guided to make by my spirit team and yours, this showed up on my Instagram feed via Danielle LaPorte:

Use Your Wings. Fly. That's why you have them.

Here's the text that was posted with it:

…and by that I mean… we all have great cosmic capacities. We’re not humans who “get to” have random spiritual experiences. Reverse it. As Ram Dass put it, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” So if we operate on the principle that we’re multidimensional beings (even when we’re meeting deadlines), with extrasensory perception (even when we need a nap), with access to the great cosmological intelligence (even when we’re making purchasing decisions) then… then maybe we’d feel and act more powerfully.

You’re cosmic. You are winged with light. And that means you have the power to get where you want to go, to see what’s really going on in a situation, to make excellent decisions.

Honour your humanness, assume your divinity. Remember who you really are, and use your wings.

Wow! Right?! You can view it on her website.

You are psychic.


You didn't think I'd drop the mic at this point and walk away, did you? :-)

Your homework is: Convince yourself that a) you're worthy and b) you're psychic and c) you're connected. (It's possible the convincing will resemble deciding. This is often the case.)

Start there. Open yourself to your great potential. Ask for a sign, if that feels right.

Once you open the door - once you choose yourself and your unique and powerful light - the realms will respond.

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