Yin: Third Card for the New Energies

If you read this week’s guidance message, you’ll know it’s suggested we draw a daily card specific to the message to help glean all we can from it.? My first personal draw for the week was Imagine.? My second personal draw for the week was Between Worlds.Here’s the card I drew for me today, and its message for my work’s evolution:Yin: Third Card for the New EnergiesYin ~ Card from Colette Baron-Reid's Wisdom of the Oracle deck.

We wish for you to note the feminine tone of the card. We see the yin is of the feminine. We see the pink is of the feminine. We see the card is of the feminine.We see it is the feminine energy for which we are wishing to be powering through you and your work. We see we are wishing for you to be in keeping with all the divine feminine leaders and goddesses and saints and women who are revered for their feminine strength.We wish for you to be in considering the work we are asking you to do as a means of greatly enhancing the nurturing which Earth is in need of. We see in this way the feminine will increase to balance the masculine into the infinite future.

Just as I typed "infinite future," I heard "expansion."

We see the expansion refers to the rippling nature of the archives of women which were opened with the full moon. We see the archives of women continue to expand its reach out into the world. We see this is most beneficial.

This card isn't a surprise to me, and that isn't because it resonates so well with the messages of the first two cards. It's because there is such a dire need for feminine energy to be in a more prominent position in the scope of Earth's energetics.The feminine energy which is yin will create wholeness on Earth, and so it stands to reason that the work which is forthcoming through me will be dedicated exclusively to women.What I'm shown, as I close my eyes and contemplate a possible visual clue for today's message, is what appears to be a starfield. It isn't at all like the Big Dipper starfield shown to me on Monday. Instead, it appears to be softly linear; horizontally so.The pinks and whites in the vision are cloud-like. They're soft and they speak of movement; of flow. And as I wonder about the meaning of the vision, I hear Andra Day's "Rise Up."https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwgr_IMeEgAIt's necessary for the feminine to be illuminated and to be in flow with the energy of Earth. The work which is coming will support that need and flow.

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