Writing and Entrepreneurship: Important For Healers, Too

When it boils down to it, I'm not just a healer. I'm an entrepreneur, too.I can label it solopreneurship, or spiritpreneurship, or heartpreneurship all I want. At its core, it's still entrepreneurship.For me, a large part of entrepreneurship involves writing.From blog posts to Tweets, status updates to intuitive card readings, and page content for my site to emails, writing is a major factor in my everyday work.The thing is, it isn't just the writing. It's also the mechanics of the writing; the grammar and punctuation, and the spelling, too.If what I publish and submit and send, that then goes out in the world and over the ether, is full of typos and other errors, it reflects poorly on my entrepreneurship: my brand.Ugh.I don't mind admitting that makes me uncomfortable.As careful as I aim to be - and as careful as I am, between multiple rounds of proofreading, and also reading what I've written aloud - when it comes to what I publish, I still make mistakes.Can I correct at least some of them after the fact? Sure. However... How many eyes have seen them in the meantime, and judged?Ugh, again.As uncomfortable (and wrong) as it may be, judgment is another fact of entrepreneurship. And it isn't limited to writing. It can involve our logos, our web design, our offerings, and our vision and mission statements. Even so, it's the writing that seems to get most of the attention.Case and point: Grammarly's recent post featuring an infographic that looked at 400+ freelancers (freelancing = entrepreneurship), their writing skills, and their rate of pay. The results are interesting, to be sure, and maybe even telling.Take a look:Writing Skills Matter: Writing and Entrepreneurship | Intuitive EllenAs I said: Interesting.This is all to say, that as an entrepreneur, like myself, or as a would-be entrepreneur (anyone who intends to offer services, and/or blog  and/or publish for a profit), good writing skills aren't to be taken for granted.It could mean the difference between a decent income and a great income.And it most certainly can mean the difference between being perceived as competent at what we do and being perceived otherwise.

What's Your Experience?

Do you agree that good - better: strong - writing skills are important to entrepreneurship?Does Grammarly's infographic surprise you?What method(s) do you use to proofread your content?

Grammarly approached me, wondering if I might want to blog about their infographic, which is receiving a lot of attention. I was guided to do so.
Finally, I'm thrilled that Grammarly will make a donation to Reading Is Fundamental on my behalf. Thank you, Grammarly!

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