The Truth of the Work We Do: Pendulum Practice

Working so closely with guides and angels and ascended masters is always an adventure.Case and point: The creation of a chart in my journal which turned out to be coordinated for use with my pendulum.It started with a circle, into which was placed a heart at North, a spiral at East, a crescent moon at South, and a star at West.Next, a word was added to each symbol.Finally, an infinity sign was created to connect North to South, and then East to West.Here's the chart, straight from my journal:Work Elements Chart for Use with PendulumsI still didn't know what the chart was for, aside from understanding that my pendulum was about to be put into service.I dangled my pendulum over the center point of the circle. Then, the purpose came:

We wish to see what elements Ellen works from.

"Really? This will be interesting," I may or may not have said out loud.My pendulum swung in a widening arc until it encompassed the entirety of the image, which I took to mean as encompassing all four elements."Yes" on that.Then, it altered its movement until it was swinging widely - and wildly - from North to South. Then, it altered again to swing with less abandon from West to East.

It was pretty cool, and also very telling.

♥ I work from the heart. This I know.♥ My intuition rules. This I know.♥ Spirit is a steady and compelling influence. This I know.♥ Faith is an ongoing practice. This I know.Clearly, though, for all that I know, I still need to invest more practice in bringing Spirit and faith into my work.And that makes sense, especially since the past few weeks have been riddled with an expression that's equally clearly getting too much use:

Trust button: Pushed.

While it could mean that I'm pressing the trust button in an act of faith, the fact is, that expression is a statement that my trust is wishy-washy.Every time that statement comes up, it's a testimony to a disengagement from Spirit and my faith that the spirit realm has my back, completely and unequivocally.


You're invited to create your own chart to determine what elements you bring into your work.Use my chart as a template, bring your pendulum to the table, and see what's what.And consider in what other ways the chart might be put to use. I'm guessing there are many. Actually...I'm trusting there are many. :-)


Overlapping Energies and Errant Thoughts