Wholeness Monday: Easy Answers, Benefits of Massage, Wise Words

Wholeness MondayInspiration to support your body, mind and spirit: your whole.

Easy Answers

Tanya Geisler wrote a thought-provoking post: 24 easy answers. And the hardest answer of all. She categorized these answers in such a way that there's no doubt of their intent and importance. Here's a peek at one answer from each "easy" category:#2. Spend less, make more.#6. More water, less booze.#10. Loving your outside is an inside job.#13. Keep your word.#24. Don't worry about what everyone thinks.As for "the hardest answer of all," I encourage you to read her entire post, which won't take you more than a minute or two, and leave the hardest for last - where it's purposely placed.

Benefits of Massage

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of and advocate for massage. Any therapeutic healing practice that engages the body's parasympathetic nervous system - that "rest and digest" response - can only be a plus.If you ever wondered what the benefits of massage are, look no further than this awesome infographic:

Make Time for Massage: Health Benefits of Massage View the original post at Fix.com, the infographic's creator.

Maybe all that data will encourage you to consider massage for yourself on a regular basis. Optimally, I'd suggest at least a monthly one-hour massage to truly reap the potential benefits.

Wise Words

On Colette Baron-Reid's blog, she writes about the recent loss of one of her fur babies, and something her veterinarian said to her in the aftermath that led to the post's title:

Don't Should All Over Yourself

Wise words, indeed. They're words that could apply to the loss of person or pet. You can read about her grief process here.

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