Divine Love, Ideal Body, and Coloring

Wholeness MondayThis magazine-style post offers inspiration - links, images, etc. - to support your body, mind and spirit: your whole. (This is different from the content I offer in The HealLetter.) Enjoy!

Body and Mind

How often does it happen that two are one? Perhaps more often than we think, although it may not be obvious. This, however, is obvious.Dr. Christiane Northrup wrote a delicious article for Mind Body Green: A Heart-Centered Mantra to Manifest Your Best Mind & Body. (Hat tip to my cousin, Debr'Ann. xo) While I highly recommend consuming the entire article and soaking up Dr. Northrup's timeless wisdom, as the title of the article indicates, it's all about the mantra. Here it is:Divine Love manifests in my heart right now. ~Christiane Northrup

Divine Love manifests in my heart right now. ~Christiane Northrup

When divine love manifests in your heart (right now), that expansive state of being can't help but sweep your body along with it. Which brings me to another mantra with a whole lot of potential - one that I came up with for myself while reading one of my college textbooks over the weekend. (Go figure.) Here it is:I choose to reclaim my ideal body. ~Ellen M. Gregg

I choose to reclaim my ideal body. ~Ellen M. Gregg

I choose to reclaim my ideal body; not the one the doctor says I'm supposed to have, and not the one some advertisers and Hollywood lack-of-visionaries push on me. My ideal body. I don't know about you, but that's a mantra I find incredibly empowering.


When is the last time you colored? And by "colored," I mean, pulled out a trusty box of Crayola crayons, or a box of colored pencils, and filled white space - with our without lines - with color. When is the last time you did that?The reason I ask is, coloring can be a spiritually beneficial practice. In giving yourself permission to be quiet and practice undemanding creativity, you light up that divine spark within you: your spirit.That's your homework for this week. (Yup. I'm assigning homework. Welcome to my world.) This link is attached to a one-page PDF with a blank mandala on it. Right click or control click on the link, depending on your computer's type, and download it. Then print it, and color it in.Don't edit or judge yourself. Don't get all crazy if you don't stay in the lines (or if you do stay in the lines). Just color, and let your inner light glow brighter.

What's Your Take?

Do you have a mantra that's raising you up right now? If yes: What is it? And when is the last time you colored? Will you take advantage of the opportunity presented here?

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