Wholeness Monday: January 19, 2015

Wholeness MondayWelcome to my new weekly feature: Wholeness Monday. This magazine-style post offers inspiration - links, Pins, etc. - to support your body, mind and spirit: your whole. Enjoy!


One of my commitments to myself in this new year is dry skin-brushing. Have you heard of it? I first learned of it in association with an introduction to Ayurveda course I took last Spring. It kept coming up around Christmas, and so I finally bought a brush*, and got to it.I had great intentions, and I knew it felt good, so I felt I was off to a great start. And yet... I was guided to do a little research around the technique of dry skin-brushing. Turns out, there's a technique that gives this practice super powers, because it leverages the lymph system's drainage patterns. (Dry skin-brushing is, after all, meant to assist the lymph system, which is part of our bodies' garbage-removal system.)I found two great videos that go into details, first about the why, and second about the how (with more why, too). That second video referenced a page on the Green Smoothie Girl website: here. It has beautiful graphics showing exactly how to do the deed for the best benefits (eight of which are noted in the graphic below), and there's even an option to sign up to receive a free downloadable about it. Again, that's here.8 Benefits of Dry-Skin Brushing | Intuitive Ellen


Bear with me here. We're going to talk about lipstick, which is something that, yes, you apply to your lips, which are, yes, part of your body. However...What does lipstick - whether in gloss, stain, or original form - do for us aside from add color and/or shine to our lips? It can lift our mood; make us feel attractive and pretty. <-That's all our mind. See?Now, let's double-up on the mind slant and add peace of mind, because last week Kris Carr published a post titled "My Natural, Cruelty-Free Lipstick Roundup + 6 Lip-Smacking Tips." Get the scoop (and the peace) here.


Born With Love | Intuitive Ellen

"Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we have learned here. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love back into our hearts." ~Marianne Williamson

Ahh... Perhaps take a moment to let that resonate within you. Perhaps grant your heart permission to unfold; to open fully to love.

What's Your Take?

What fear might you need to unlearn so that you can accept love back into your heart?

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