Coconut Water and Spring Fever

Wholeness Monday

Coconut Water

Confession: I have a thing for coconut water. It's more edgy than romantic; that speaks to my body's response to it. It's a nectar that is truly unlike any other. I'd bathe in it, if not for the fact that doing so would render it a little less than drinkable. I'd IV it into me, if not for the fact that doing so would revoke the enjoyment of its palate-pleasing flavor.Imagine my delight, then, when I came upon 7 More Reasons to Drink Coconut Water on MindBodyGreen. The author cites the presence of magnesium, potassium, and antioxidants among those very good reasons. And that's beside the naturally delicious and smooth taste (that palate-pleasing flavor).'Fess up: Do you have a thing for coconut water, too?

Spring Fever

Can you feel it? Can you feel that building thrum and growing hum of our Earth awakening from her Winter slumber? (Well, here in the Northern Hemisphere, at any rate.)After the Winter we've had, Spring really, truly making herself known is something more than welcome; maybe necessary, at this point. And when we reach this point, and when Earth gets serious about her thrum and hum, it happens: Spring Fever sets in.Spring Fever ~ The Energy's RisingFor us humans, Spring Fever sparks a thrum and a hum within us, too. It can lead to that lusty, hardly-can-take-it, jump-out-of-my-skin feeling that's as delicious as it is worrisome; delicious because it speaks to great possibilities, and worrisome because jumping out of one's skin is inadvisable.Spring Fever calls for creativity and a lightness of being that's hard to achieve in the depths of Winter. It's an invitation for us to wake up just as Earth is. It's an opportunity to rev up our minds and brighten our spirits.And it turns out, those calls and that invitation and opportunity are the only sure-fire remedies for what ails you... us. What will you do, then, to break your Spring Fever? (You'll find me filling my Asana with notes and tasks to put my energy to - all about creating, creating, creating!)

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