Where Earth is Heading

My plan to write one blog post per week has been altered for this week. I was guided to open my site's dashboard, and begin a new post - having no idea what I'd be writing about until my hands were taken over.This, then, is another channeled post from the ascended masters. It couldn't wait. It had to be written and published today.Their concern... concerns me. My growing experience with them tells me they aren't given to any form of exaggeration. We need to listen. Now.Here's their message to us:We have been watching the demise of Earth's natural stability for aeons. She is afflicted by the gross contamination of resources known as pollutants.She is wasting away.  Your treatment of her is wasting her away. Please stop. Please respect her. Please heal her.We have come to facilitate Earth's healing before it is too late. We have come to view the damage first-hand, and to see with our own eyes, through this human, what has been done to her.It is worse than we feared. We can only plead with you to take a second look at what has become of her. We plead with you to change your ways. We plead with you to stop the treatment that is repeating the patterns of Atlantis.This can be changed. This can be stopped. The past can be undone. It isn't too late. There is still time. Please do whatever you can to make this right.The end is closer than you can ever imagine. The new age will not be reached without the reparation of Earth and her systems and resources. We plead with you to listen and to repair the damage. Thank you.The Masters

Peace That Passes All Understanding

Channeling the Ascended Masters