๐Ÿ”ฎ What's Up Energetically: Week of 5 November 2018

Here we are in the first full week of November, and already you may be noticing the "raucous," as I just heard, shifts happening. This is a massive gateway that's leading us through the final months of this calendar year, and preparing us for 2019. Is it any wonder I'm already in planning mode?

Of course, the frenetic - and sometimes unnecessarily frantic - energy around the U.S. midterm elections is stirring the pot even more. Without that added to the mix, we wouldn't be feeling quite so "up in arms," most likely.

Let's take a look at this week.

Our card for this week is...

What's Happening Energetically: Week of 05 November 2018 ~ A blog post by Intuitive Ellen :: Ellen M. Gregg ~ #energyreading #cardreading #intuitivereading #tarotreading #themagician

...The Magician. And that was a somewhat surprising and very intriguing draw for this week, given its appearance in our monthly energy reading. Let's see what this master manifester's energy means for us.

"The Magician greets you with a great, warm smile of welcome and hope. He wishes for you to understand the powerful ability you have to make manifest that which is best for you, your family, your surroundings, and the world as a whole. He asks you to believe in your ability, and in your sovereignty.

"The purpose of this card for you is a reminder. The reminder is that you are more powerful, and more able to effect change, than you give yourself credit for. This week, you are encouraged and urged - and may feel compelled - to make change within your life that will make change without your life.

"This is important, for we notice that the inner reflects upon the outer, always. The outer reflects upon the inner only with your permission. Notice the difference. Feel the difference. Make a change."

Wow. That's a powerful message - and more than one powerful reminder - for us.

The word "sovereignty" stands out as though it's a neon sign superimposed over a cardboard sign. There's weight to the word because of its importance for us. We are called to remember our individual sovereignty - our place as leaders in our own right - and consider how that might support the change (whatever it may be) that we need to make for ourselves this week.

I have the sense that we're being pushed to take action more than usual this week because we enter our last Mercury retrograde of the year on the 16th. The changes and their associated actions are best accomplished before that time, is what I'm feeling.

There's more...

"There is a storm rising, and it will be a storm that will ask each of you, as humans, to conduct yourselves with clarity and compassion; to remember that you are not alone on this planet, as there is your fellow human standing beside you; that the planet is a living and breathing entity who requires a stomach and lungs just as you do; that there is a need for concern and for action, to ensure the Earth lives.

"The way of this is clear. The means for this is available. The choices made now are either the midwife for rebirth or the coroner for death. Choose wisely. Be as the sovereign. Make change."

Well. That was more "more" than I anticipated. It isn't surprising, though. Right? We know where we're at now. As we tend to inner change, we must also tend to outer change. They walk hand in hand.

The "storm rising" is the storm of change and of choice. Our choices will determine the change, and will also determine whether the storm escalates or diminishes. And, by the way...

There's no feeling or intention of a threat around the midwife/coroner statement. I'm told, "It's a matter of fact." We're meant to take it as fact so we can make the best practical choices. Understood?

Lots to ponder and meditate on this week, dear one.

Any questions? Please use the comments section, if appropriate.

Blessed be.

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