๐Ÿ”ฎ What's Up Energetically: Week of 12 November 2018

Yesterday, we passed through the 11/11 portal. What did you notice? How are you feeling today? Querying yourself in this way opens the doors to further insight and growth.

Today, we're eyeing this week through the lens of the Work Your Light oracle deck by Rebecca Campbell.

What's Up Energetically: Week of 12 November 2018 ~ An energy reading by Intuitive Ellen :: Ellen M. Gregg ~ #shareyourvoice #speakup #beassertive #workyourlight

Our card for this week is Share Your Voice. Please read the subtext, and note any resonance you may feel. If there's no resonance there, not to worry. Listen to your heart's subtext. Here's our collective message:

"Put yourself in the focus. Engage your truth with your opinions and share them with those who may benefit. Create a debate or a discourse. Hold a friendly argument. Be challenging and be challenged without ego, without meanness or hatred. The time has come that we are seeing a need for those who have practiced reticence to open their mouths and speak."

"Give a voice to the voiceless," I hear. This could mean speaking up on behalf of Earth, animals, water, bees, at-risk children and adults (including our veterans), etc.

I hear "withheld passion," which points to those issues about which we're passionate and yet may not voice that passion. Now is the time to do that. Now is the time to make known what and/or who you stand for, and know that every time you assert yourself in that way, you *are* making a difference.

  • What issues are you passionate about?
  • Who needs your voice to support them?

Speak up, loves. Blessed be.

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