What's Up Energetically: Week of 10 December 2018

Well, hello there, mid-December. We see you lying in wait there at the end of this week. And hello there, dear reader. Welcome to our weekly energyscope. :-)

We're back to our "usual" question: What do we need to know about this week? I shuffled, and shuffled, and shuffled. No answer. Huh. Odd. Gave the cards a good knock on my desk to shake off any unnecessary energy, shuffled again and at last received the answer.

Our guiding card for this week's energy is:

What's Up Energetically: Week of 10 December 2018 ~ An energy reading by Intuitive Ellen :: Ellen M. Gregg ~ #boundaries #growth #workyourlight

Boundaries from the Work Your Light oracle deck by Rebecca Campbell. Its subtext is, "Where do you need to establish better boundaries?" That's a powerful question. And that's also a powerful stone beside the card. It's black tourmaline, which is excellent for clearing "bad juju" and also excellent for - you guessed it - setting boundaries.

When I turned our card over, I heard the word "growth." So, boundaries and growth... or boundaries for growth? Let's find out what the connection - and context - is.

Our message for this week is:

"The boundaries are a call to action, that you may be aware where you are allowing others to sap your energy or overtake you. The boundaries, when set, preserve your energetic framework and support your sacred work. They inhibit and prohibit others from tapping into your energy without your permission. They also establish a foundation for how you will approach the new year as it arrives.

"Understand, the boundaries also support the energetic growth which enters with the Solstice and engages with the new year. The energy body and field will coordinate with the boundaries to achieve the new frequency and engage the chakra system in a complete change. This will prepare you for all that enters with the new year."

Well that's interesting... and unsurprising given some of the energy work that's been showing up in my client sessions. I'm supporting people through what I'd term a total overhaul of their energy grid and chakra system. It's really cool, actually.

So, dear one...

  • Where and how are you needing to shore up and/or set strong boundaries?
  • Who have you been allowing to "sap" your energy or "overtake" you, and what will you do to put a stop to that?

These are questions to consider this week. After that, you'll want to take action to set those boundaries.

Blessings be.

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