๐Ÿ”ฎ What's Up Energetically: November 2018

Happy November! We're two months out from the end of this calendar year. Does that feel crazy to you? Does that feel improbable, if not impossible? It's "yes" for me on both counts - at least to a degree... a great degree.

This month, I was guided to choose both a Tarot card and an oracle card. The Tarot card is from The Housewives Tarot deck, and the oracle card is from the Work Your Light oracle deck, both of which I need to add to my Interviewing Divination Decks series.

What's Up Energetically: November 2018 ~ A blog post by Intuitive Ellen :: Ellen M. Gregg ~ #themagician #tarot #mirror #oraclecards

What The Magician Tells Us (External Focus)

The Magician is the person who has all the necessary tools to create something - or to change something. In this instance, it feels more as though change is the primary directive for this month's energy. Let's find out what that can mean for us.

"To undertake the role of The Magician, you must first acknowledge that you have at hand all you require to make manifest. The acknowledgement then permits you to use what you possess to engage with making change. The engagement then permits the change to enter in, and powerfully intercept that which is introspectively held below the surface, bringing it into the light."

The energy of this feels highly concentrated. By that, I mean it feels as though there's a physically tangible energy working here, such is its strength. What I take from that is, we need so badly to bring change about for ourselves and for our world, that an energy which would normally be barely discernible from a physical perspective might as well be a boulder plunked down before us, such is its obviousness.

I hear Michael Jackson singing, "Make that change." Wonderful inspiration.

Look around you. Allow yourself to clearly and honestly assess what you see and feel, and note what stands out like the metaphorical sore thumb. Gather your considerable wits and tools, and change it, because now is the time and yes, you can.

Questions to Consider

  1. What needs changing in your life and/or the world around you?
  2. How will you take action to change it?

What Mirror Tells Us (Internal)

The subtext on the Mirror card reads, "Who or what is triggering you?" This reminds me very much of what came up in our energy reading for the week of 29 October. This energy feels markedly different.

So, what do we need to know from this card?

"The reasoning for this card asks that engagement with the inner voice be restored. We feel that this inner dialogue will promote the way through which you will open yourself to a clearer understanding of the work to be undertaken, the challenges you face yourself with, and the ability to love yourself with fervor.

"To begin this work, through the symbolism of the mirror, look within and choose one facet of yourself you hold in judgement. With all love, focus your attention here that you may discover the source of the judgement, and permit forgiveness and healing

"The solace you will find through this work far outweighs the discomfort you may experience through it. Hold this as a comfort, and surrender to the process."

And now I'm reminded of what came out through my Samhain 2018 blog post. Surrendering to the process of revelation is a key theme at this time.

This sort of work - shadow work - gives us the great opportunity to forgive ourselves and recover a "kinship" with ourselves that may have been lacking or missing for some time. It's a framework of recovery, couched in a practice meant to be served with only love, forgiveness and gratitude.

Questions to Consider

  • How will you observe love, forgiveness and gratitude for yourself as you move through this practice?
  • When is the last time you allowed your inner voice to be heard and shine through?

Wishing you a magically changeable, lovingly reflective November. Blessed be.

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