What's Up Energetically for December 2018

I looked at the calendar more than once before realizing - really understanding - it was month's end. Once that sank in, it was swiftly followed by the realization that it was time to look at the energy for December.

It felt from the outset that we were standing on the cusp - precipice - of something rather momentous. It was more validation than surprise, then, when when the Centennial Edition of the Smith-Waite Tarot and the Work Your Light oracle deck offered up the following cards to our service.

What's Up Energetically for December 2018 ~ An intuitive energy reading by Intuitive Ellen :: Ellen M. Gregg ~ #energyreading #Tarot #oracle #initiation #twoofwands

Two of Wands (fire energy) and The Initiation (more fire energy) represent the guiding energy for the month ahead. (She wrote at 11:11 am. ๐Ÿ’ž)

The December 2018 Message

"The month of December invokes a passage through the final portal of 2018, and engages with the need to be in vision of clarity for 2019. This engagement will encourage the clarification of what was and what is for what will be.

"To better understand the nature of this engagement, consider that you are as the figure in the first card, overlooking your land, your world. Through this consideration, there is a better understanding of what has been and what is now, and then what must be and will be. The consideration is a form of reverie which will cast light on the areas that need releasing and healing before 2018 suspends and 2019 enters.

"The Initiation wakens you. The Initiation is the point at which you relinquish the past and embrace the present, and the promise of the future. The Initiation is the point of potential, potent and engaged with the higher self and the calling for which you are here now. To enter the initiation energy is to accept that you are ready to wholly welcome your truest self to the table of your life."

Whew. That's a big message for this final month of the calendar year, which isn't surprising. I appreciate the metaphor of our as a table to which we invite who and what we choose.

In feeling into the two cards' energy, here's what I notice:

Two of Wands

I hear "seize." Seize the opportunity. Seize the day. Seize the moment, the season, the frequency of all that's been achieved. Seize an understanding of your place - our place - in the tapestry of this life and universe.

Seize all that - bring it fully into the heart - and then survey it. Look it over with care and even affection. Take its measure without judgement. Be compassionate with what is surveyed, and most especially with ourselves.

And then - only then - allow ourselves to look ahead, and to wonder at what is in store for us when we step into 2019 at month's end.

The Initiation

The subtext of The Initiation reads, "Rite of passage. You're going somewhere sacred."

I asked our guides, "Is December an initiation for us?" Even though it seems obvious, it felt like a necessary question. Their response was a yes.

I hear, "out of the darkness." That's a clear reflection of the card's imagery. We're in that dark and stormy "arena" right now. Through that portal, though - that initiation - lies a brighter image.

I hear, "the worst is over." Oh, how I want that to be so, for all of us. These are trying times we're in. Experiencing a more easeful way of being feels heady and delicious.

"We notice there has been a form of pinching throughout the year which is in culmination at this time. Through December, through the initiation, there will be an opportunity to adjust to a different perspective which will permit an easeful energy to overtake the tension. This is your choice. This is the sacred aspect of the card."

Ahh... So the initiation is also an invitation. It isn't a given that we'll magically walk through that portal and have everything changed for us. It's an opportunity to change what's been weighing us down; to choose differently; to "own our hearts." The energy will support us to do that, and yet it's our rite of passage. It can't be done for us.

It may be that Closing the Book On 2018 will help us through the initiation. (I know it will help me, and could help you. That's why I was guided to create it and share it.)

May December be...

...everything we need it to be. May it offer us the opportunity wrap up 2018 in an intentional way. And may it give us a vision of the future that will put a steady, sacred wind beneath our collective wings.

Blessings be.

What's Up Energetically: Week of 3 December 2018

Closing the Book On 2018

Closing the Book On 2018