It's 2016. What's Next?

2016 has arrived in all its glory. The 2015 calendars are replaced with 2016 calendars. The planners used to organize the past year are replaced with new ones.

If you're anything like me, even your journal is brand-spanking new, whether or not you filled every last page in the one you were finishing 2015 with.

Then there are the goals, the resolutions, the intentions, the anti-goals, the anti-resolutions, the anti-intentions... So much to anticipate. So much to expect.

The whole theme is, "On to the next thing." And yet...

What's Next?

There are a whole lot of people mumbling, lest they be heard by someone who has it all together,

"What's Next?"

It's a fantastic question; one that we needn't be shy about wondering aloud, if that's what feels right.

"What's next?" is an opportunity in the making. It's an invitation to your spirit team to let you in on exactly what the what-next is, and what it involves from you and may mean for you.

That question is one that I'm striving to make my one true mantra for 2016. I complete a task and ask, "What's next?" The answer comes, in one way or another.

Sometimes it's a relatively logical or practical answer. Other times, it's pretty much out of left field, leaving me with a quizzical expression on my face that surely contributes depth to the character lines that already adorn it.

What's Next, Really?

There it is. The implication of seeking a bigger answer than the to-do list. The answer is closer than you may think.

What's next, really, is your next step toward fulfilling your purpose and mission. That's exactly what mine is; exactly what all of our next steps are.

The what's-next is all about seeking guidance for what comes next, and doing that. After that, you do it all over again.

You'll notice that while you ask the same question, the answer is ever-changing as long as you've completed the previous answer.

You'll notice, too, that there's an evolution to the answers, as time goes on. You'll notice that some answers ask more of you in terms of to-do than you expect and/or feel ready for.

Those are cosmic-leap answers; massive soul-growth answers; evolutionary answers.

Be Prepared

If you're going to ask the question, be prepared to receive and respond to the answer; to do the work; to change your life.

It's 2016. What's your what-next? Ask. Do. Ask again.

Want to get insight about your what-next? Consider an intuitive session.

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