What's Happening, Energetically

We're into the final week of Mercury retrograde. Five more days to go.It's been an interesting time, to say the least. This retrograde for me, more than others in recent memory, has been all about reviewing and releasing.While that makes sense, it's been a little excessive, with the memories of years long-gone-by surfacing as though they happened just yesterday.Between that, and the recycling of many things that seemed so important in their time, the ballast of the past is dwindling fast. And that's a good thing, since the present is here and the future is beckoning.They Chrysalis and the Retrograde

Mercury and Its Shadow

The shadow periods which traditionally precede and follow Mercury retrograde seem to be doing something pretty interesting: folding into the actual retrograde period.That's most impactful for the shadow period which would follow this retrograde. It feels like the whole thing has been rolled up into a single burrito, and the filling can't help but overflow. That excess, right?As I said to someone early this week, it feels like retrograde is going to let us go with a resounding pop, much like the popping of an unrestricted champagne cork.The sense here is, it could be jarring. It could necessitate recalibrating ourselves, and realigning with our personal compasses, and regaining our bearings on what could very well be an entirely new landscape from when the retrograde began.Perhaps that's why the words "metamorphosis" and "transformation" are coming up multiple times, in multiple ways. This card, for example, from Colette Baron-Reid's The Enchanted Map Oracle Deck...Metamorphosis ~ Colette Baron-Reid's The Enchanted Map oracle deck...and this essential-oil blend from Young Living Essential Oils...Young Living Transformation Essential-Oil Blend

What's It All About?

The energy is soupy. There is so much shifting to and fro that the energy pool is the equivalent of a pureed soup - or a chrysalis. The meaning of that is twofold:

  1. The energy is the result of all that's been happening with the quickening, the political firestorms, the terrorist attacks, the ongoing wars, the refugee crisis...
  2. The energy is the result of the retrograde itself, which coincided with the new moon shortly after it commenced, and coincides with the full moon shortly before it concludes.

The necessity for us is to ride this wave and reclaim our balance after it makes shore. The shore may be unfamiliar. The "natives" may be resistant to us, reimagined. The remembrance of what was may fade as quickly as the sunset. The dawn may come sooner than expected.

How to Manage It

The best we can do is stay balanced, and be particularly mindful of self-care. Honor your body's need for rest, and for food that will nourish and nurture. Honor your mind's need for silence. Honor your spirit's need for grace.When the sun sets on January 25, there may be as much relief as release. Honor that, too.The time afterward will reunite you - us - with what is most true and necessary for our soul purpose.

The Eye of the Storm

What's Happening, Energetically?