What's Happening, Energetically?

What's happening, energetically? We're in a push-me-pull-me phase now. There's the energy of the new moon (the 9th) pushing us to bring forth what we need for our what-next, plus there's the energy of Mercury retrograde (opened the 5th; closes the 25th) pulling us back; holding us back.

This is a time when illness seems to rise up out of nowhere, or finally land after circling around, poking and teasing and warning, for a week or more. Ahem.

It's also a time when technological and communication and travel snafus seem to run rampant. Chaos and conflict. Madness and mayhem. Woohoo. ;-)

What's Happening, Energetically?

On Top of All That...

There's the energy of the new year creating what would otherwise be, on its own, a beautiful arc of movement and potential. So, that whole push-me-pull-me thing is pulling and pushing us in all directions, all at once, which isn't ideal. (Understatement alert.)

The remedy? I hear "laying low." That may feel like it pushes up against boundaries, in a reverse sort of way. (Very Mercury retrograde, actually, that action.)

It may feel as though you're called to do the exact opposite of what you were originally supposed to be doing, and what might otherwise benefit you and others. It may feel very backward, in its way, and yet...

This is an ideal time to review, repurpose, release, realign, recharge, reimagine, remember. And the beginning of a new year is as excellent time as the ending of an old year to do that very thing.

And it could be - it just, just might be - that we need to do that very thing in order to successfully align ourselves with the huge potential of 2016.

It could be - it just, just might be - that the Universe has our backs, and has created this hard-to-swallow concoction for that very purpose.

How This Is Affecting Me

If you didn't catch my drift early in this post: I've contracted a flu-ish something-or-other that is forcing me to lay low when I had other plans.

The plans I'm referring to was a meet-up with two women who are an integral part of this journey I'm on, to exchange healing, and to be with each other, and to explore what's-what for this new year. Something totally in alignment with what I do and who I am.

It was supposed to happen Monday, and yet I wasn't physically up for it. A possible reschedule could have been today. I'm worse rather than better.

While I'm bummed about that, my awareness and curiosity are working overtime, because there's something for me to learn and/or grow from here. Whether I like it or it's convenient for me or not, there's a bigger picture here.

How I'm Managing

Top of my list: Asking my spirit team, "What do I need?" and "What's next?"

They're very clear about their answers, in both instances. And whether or not their guidance jives with what I think makes sense, I bow to their infinite knowing, and regard for my highest good.

And that's why....

Next on my list is: Essential oils.

Before I got into bed last night, after I brushed my teeth, as guided, I dispensed two drops of frankincense onto my tongue, and then swished them around my mouth for a good minute before swallowing them.

The moment I got up this morning, as guided, I added two drops of Thieves™ to my glass water bottle (22.5 ounces), and chugged the whole bottle.

After that, as guided, I anointed all seven main chakra points with White Angelica. (Estimate, in case you're curious: Probably three drops of oil total.)

How You're Managing

I strongly advocate that people refrain from drawing comparisons to other people, and yet...

How does the way you're managing these energies, illness, retrograde-spurned situations, compare with how I'm managing?

Maybe consider asking your spirit team what it is you really need, and what's next, and then listen for the answer and do as you're guided.

What's Happening, Energetically

It's 2016. What's Next?