What's Going on Energetically?

Here's what's going on energetically today, and for the immediate future:What's Going On Energetically? The what's what for March 3, 2017. ~ Tarot, abundance, channelingThis week's energy reading features The Empress from, from left to right, Wizards Tarot, Universal Waite Tarot and Shadowscapes Tarot.  It also features a terrific draw from the Money Magic Manifestation deck.Let's find out what we need to know about these cards and the current energy.

The Empress

We see time has come to embrace the abundant nature of The Empress, who exists only and solely with the vibration of abundance and fertility. The fertility for some who are of a certain age will perhaps be that of childbearing. The fertility for others who are not of the certain age will perhaps be that of creation within home, relationship, or work.The vibration of fertility aligns by nature with the vibration of abundance, and we notice this can be forgotten on the human path. We wish that you will remember this alignment and bear it in heart as you enter a period of great fertility and hope.

Well.  :-)  Man or woman, and no matter our age, I'm pretty sure we can all get behind such an "affluent" message. And consider that abundance isn't necessarily about money. In fact, consider it's less about money than anything else.As I just heard, money is a "by-product" of abundance.Look around. Look at your life and take note of who and what populates it and how you populate it through how you be and what you be and who you be within it.There's your - our - true abundance and affluence.As for the fertility, aka creativity, piece...

We see you will wish to consider what you are fertilizing within your existence. We wish you to understand the matters and relationships and ideas you fertilize are those you will create or further create.

Make sense?I love that we're entering "a period of great fertility and hope." It seems as though we can all use more of that in our lives.

The Money Magic Manifestation Card

"I align my vibration to attract money into my life."Here's where we get specific about the money part of abundance. How do we align our vibration to attract money into our lives?

We see you will wish to consider that to attract money the vibration must be that of accepting money; receiving money; opening to money. We notice there are a great many humans who consider they are undeserving of money. We say to you, There is no cause to believe this consideration.

Is that meant to be a mic-drop moment? Yes, I'm told, it is.I'll leave it at that, then, except for this: Blessings for fertile abundance! 

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Daily Oracle: March 3, 2017