What's Going On Energetically?

Ooh... The Ace of Cups is the star of today's energy insight. Let's find out what's going on energetically.What's Going On Energetically for February 10, 2017 ~ Featuring the Ace of CupsFor context, when an ace appears the energy tends to be about renewal; fresh starts; beginning. Here's our message:

We notice the full moon brings with it an eclipse and with the eclipse comes an energy which will create a shelter for those who are deeply affected by the change which comes.Power yourselves to be with the energy of the full moon and the eclipse through the shelter, and notice how much more of the energy you can withstand. This is important.We notice there is a great remembering which shows the women of Earth who they are within the boundlessness of the truth. With this remembering comes the greatest shift which has occurred since the dawn of Atlantis.To conceive of such a change will be to proceed through the change. The excitement which enters with the change is one at once familiar and unfamiliar, as it has been so long in returning. To open to this excitement, you need only consider the women you are as the greatest creators.The vessel of the woman is the vessel of all creation. The vessel of the woman is the vessel of Earth. The vessel of the woman is the power to heal everything and everyone.Treasure this energy and wonder how it will transform you and transport you through the great change and the great remembering.

Well. Channeling that message was an adventure in beauty, as along with it came the bird's-eye visual of a woman twirling in gossamer skirts on a floor of midnight blue speckled with stars. It was gorgeous and it felt like freedom and femininity and challenge and hope.

What does it all mean?

It will mean something different to each of us, even within its all-encompassing structure. Meditate or pray on it. Journal it. Invite it into your dreams. Draw oracle or Tarot cards for insight specific to you, or bring it to me.

It is Safe for Me to Accept Money

That might seem an odd affirmation, especially if you have a great relationship with money and are solid and grounded in your worthiness to welcome abundance into your life.If you're like me, and haven't had the best relationship with money and need to practice great mindfulness around worthiness, this card's affirmation is for you, too.Consider why the word "safe" is used here. Consider why it may feel permission is needed to accept money.And consider, too, that money can come to us in a variety of ways - not just through the obvious and expected means.Being graced with an unexpected windfall through the passing of a relative, for example, might lead us to question why or experience misplaced guilt.Choosing to buy a lottery ticket out of the blue might be an intuitive prompt.An unexpected monetary gift from a friend could result in an unnecessary compulsion to reciprocate.Be open and accepting to money, however it comes to you. It's safe.

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