What's Going On Energetically?

When I was guided to open up three different Tarot decks, and to draw one card from each, I was curious as to what was going on.I turned over the card from Wizards Tarot (center top): Three of Cups. I turned over the card from Universal Waite Tarot (left): Three of Cups.What the heck?I turned over the card from Shadowscapes Tarot (right): Knight of Wands.Huh.Although I had a definite response to the Knight, it wasn't the card we needed. And, most interestingly, it took some fishing for the Three of Cups to rise up from Shadowscapes.Then, I was guided to open my website's dashboard and select "Add New" to begin a new post, and to type the title of the post. That's when it hit me that last week's energy revolved around The Magician and I'd selected that card from the same three decks.My guides clearly know what's going on way more than I do. 😇 And it felt important to share that experience with you, because all of this - divination, energy healing, guidance, mediumship - is completely and utterly perfectly imperfect.That's what makes it all so magical and mysterious and mystical and awesome - at least in part.And an adventure. 🤗So. Now that you know all of that, here's what's going on energetically for February 3, 2017:What's Going On Energetically for February 3, 2017? Get the good here.

We notice the Three of Cups speaks to alliance; speaks to coming together in sisterhood; speaks to abundance through gathering as one.We notice the disharmony of current events has created a dissection of such gatherings. We notice that there is need to rephrase such gatherings with peace and common human love.To do this will be to create healing. To do this will be to create abundance. To do this will be to reclaim the great power of the resources within the divine feminine creator.

Well, that seems pretty clear. And it's synchronistic with the great gathering known as Sister Giant which began yesterday (February 2) and continues through February 5.Notice that in all three cards, it's the women who have gathered. Only the women. That's no mistake.What keeps being brought to me, and to readings for others, over and over again, is the importance of women coming together through their divine purposes to create something new out of something old; to create healing for all of Earth.While that may seem daunting, the energy of this year and this age of Aquarius and this exact moment in human history supports the creation and healing, as well as it invites great abundance.That's why we have the "I am abundantly supported by the Universe" card from the Money Magic Manifestation deck.When I turned that card over, I laughed out loud at its clear harmony with the Three of Cups.

Divine Action

How can we create harmonious gatherings of women this week for the purpose of creating "something new out of something old" and "healing for all of Earth"?That's our call to action. That's our to-do prompt and our urging. That's our this-is-way-more-important-than-raging-against-the-system message.That's our "do something" message.Let's do something, together.I'd love to know what you feel about this week's energy and divine action prompt.

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