What's Going On Energetically?

What's Going On Energetically?

Today marks our first new moon of the new year at 7:08 pm U.S. Eastern. And what a year it already is. 😜No. Really. What a year it already is.It's a year that offers us a clean slate to start anew through the energy of the magical number one.Here's how that works through numerology: 2017 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1In Tarot, the number one is the number of The Magician*.What's Going On Energetically? ~ The what's-what for January 27, 2017; the first new moon of 2017.There's a whole lot of "yum" going on in that image. I love and am grateful for the supporting energies that wanted to join in with The Magician energy for this post.On the bottom left is a representation of the divine feminine; goddess energy; creative energy; creator energy.On the bottom middle is a card from the Money Magic Manifestation deck: "It is my time to shine divine." Yes, it is our time to shine divine. It's something we all need to do, right now.On the bottom right is a merkabah, which traditionally symbolizes connection to the higher realms and indicates (reminds us to be in) oneness.Powerful stuff, this magician energy; this one year. And it's made even more powerful with the energy of the new moon, which is all about creation and manifestation.Let's find out more about what this means for us today.

We notice the first new moon of the year which represents the cosmic change to the fullness of the age of Aquarius creates an energy ripe for evolution.The new moon energy invites a further discovery of this energy and its importance to the individual within the powerful framework of the year.Today, we present to you the opportunity to enliven all spiritual practices with the energy of The Magician and the new moon and the one year. We notice this will open new pathways of growth and healing for all.

Wow. What a fantastic message, full of promise and hope. Thank goddess.

New Moon in Aquarius Spread

Ethony put together a great spread for the new moon in Aquarius. The spread calls for five cards, with these questions:

1. How can I detach from any lingering issues or energies from the past?2. How can I look at things differently?3. How can I be more impactful with my vision for 2017?4. Where in my life can I have more fun?5. What can I do to support my visions and goals for 2017?

While the spread is intended for Tarot, I was guided to use the Awakened Soul Oracle Deck - which is Ethony's creation. Synchronicity much?Here are the cards I drew, in a different formation than suggested because it made more sense to me:My New Moon Draws for 01/27/2017. All cards from the Awakened Soul Oracle Deck.While I'm not going to share all that came through for me, it feels important to mention cards two and three: Sanctuary and Guidance.Sanctuary (How can I look at things differently?) ~ My sanctuary - which is my office, which is also my bedroom - is in need of some revamping. That means that the furniture will be moved and, in the process, a deep cleaning will be done.The act of moving furniture around and cleaning can shift energy big-time, and create different flow. That will certainly help me look at things differently. And a wee bit of smudging will help, too. ☺️Where in your home may it be that a shift in furniture might assist a shift in energy?Guidance (How can I be more impactful with my vision for 2017?) ~ I need to receive guidance, and not just on my own with my awesome cards and guides. I need to receive guidance from another practitioner - a third party, so to speak.I need to hear more about my current missions and the vision around them (and 2017) from someone other than myself who will bring their own unique divination energy to the table. That's already in process. I expect to receive it any day now.What do you need to receive outside guidance about?

Here are your assignments:

💖 Make use of Ethony's Aquarius new moon spread, if that resonates. Use whatever cards you're guided to, whether Tarot or oracle.💖 Answer the two questions I posed above that came up from my own new moon spread:

1. Where in your home may it be that a shift in furniture (and a deep cleaning) might support a shift in energy?2. What do you need to receive outside guidance about?

💖 Consider your current spiritual practices. Use your oracle cards or Tarot cards or other divination tools - meditation, prayer, etc. - to answer these questions:

1. How are they helping you to connect deeper with your intuition and guides?2. What needs to change to help you connect deeper with your intuition and guides?

Maybe do some journaling and/or automatic writing to support the answers.

Happy New Moon!

Would you like to know more about this energy or about this energy's specific meaning for you this year? Consider an email reading or an intuitive session.

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