What Happens When We Die, Part 2

In part one of this series, we considered the ideal situation in which a soul vacates a body, and returns to the spirit realm. This installment speaks to the less-ideal situations.What Happens When We Die, Part 2Ideally, when the soul vacates the body it returns immediately to the light; that light at the end of the tunnel; divine light. Sometimes, that doesn't happen. Sometimes, the soul becomes Earth-bound.

The Earth-Bound Soul

This is the soul that either 1) misses the light - its "ride" to the spirit realm - which comes for all souls when their transition time comes, or 2) chooses to ignore the light.This is the soul that roams the spaces that it walked in its just-past human incarnation. This is the soul who raises a ruckus in haunted houses and other properties. This is the soul who tries to get your attention, and may cause distraction - if not destruction - in the process.

Missing the Light

For the soul who misses the light, there is confusion. The soul may not realize it is no longer in human form; at least, at first. If the realization comes - if an angel or an intuitive are unable to intervene in short order - which, in this instance, would be ideal - the confusion can turn to fear, and/or anger, and/or self-pity.It's notable that in this state, there are still human characteristics in play.What can happen in this not-ideal situation is, the soul can accumulate additional destructive energies. (They don't have to; they can. The law of attraction applies to souls in this state.) The energies can pile on like outfit after outfit - layer after layer - until the soul is no longer recognizable as such.This is how the distractive tactics can become destructive. This is how "bad spirits" and terrorizing hauntings become more real than any of us may like to believe is possible.

Choosing to Ignore the Light

For the soul who chooses to ignore the light - who willfully stays put, for whatever reason; be it feeling their work wasn't yet done, or out of concern for their family and friends, or for darker reasons; uncomfortable reasons - it's all too easy to go straight to the accumulation scenario.For some, that may be their desire. They may want to destroy. They may want to terrorize. They may want to exact some kind of revenge for wrongdoings perceived or actual.Darkness becomes their friend and their mantle. Light - the light; beings of light; lightworkers - becomes their nemesis and their kryptonite.

The Light Comes

For any of these Earth-bound spirits, there will come a time when the light illuminates them. Sometimes, it happens because they decide to seek it out. Sometimes, it happens because they're identified through energy clearings. Sometimes, it happens because they approach the "wrong" person (who's really the "right" person).When that happens, any accumulated energy is discarded, along with the remaining human characteristics, and their souls are remanded to the light. And it's important to note: That's what's supposed to happen.

A soul is meant to return to the light upon vacating the body.

That's why, any time I come across an Earth-bound spirit -whether it's brought to my attention through a personal experience or via someone talking about their "dear Uncle Joe, who likes to shut off the lights on me," or an episode of Ghost Hunters - I immediately take steps to send them to the light.In the final installment of this series, we'll look at some of what is possible in the spirit realm, where the spirit realm is, and how mediumship "works" given the soul's relinquishment of all things human upon returning to the light.

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