Weekly Wisdom 6: The Ice Queen

This weekly feature reveals the message behind a card drawn from Colette Baron-Reid's Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards*.The Ice Queen: Weekly Wisdom 6

The wisdom of The Ice Queen for this week

The word "non-action" stands out for this reading.Sometimes, the best course of action is non-action. Especially in this in-between time before the turn of the Chinese New Year (on February 19), which also lies in the cradle of Mercury Retrograde (which goes direct on February 12), waiting out the storm with gentle reinforcement may be just the thing.While it may feel unproductive, and even counterintuitive, to fight the current flow, which is what you'd be doing, serves you not at all. The repercussions could be widespread and create unnecessary work when you're called to clean up the mess left behind.Slow down. Take a breath. Pay attention. Review. The opportunity to respond - to act - will come soon enough.

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