Weekly Wisdom 4: The Wise Woman of Wonderland

This weekly feature reveals the message behind a card drawn from Colette Baron-Reid's Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards*.The Wise Woman of Wonderland | Intuitive Ellen

The wisdom of The Wise Woman of Wonderland for this week

(The word "compromise" stands out for this reading.)Compromise doesn't have to mean giving up. Compromise doesn't have to mean backing down. Compromise is about blending. It's about mixing two or more perspectives into a more delicious - and perhaps more successful - whole.Compromise is the theme song of thought leaders. It doesn't dilute their messages. Instead, it amplifies them in a way that's different; in a perspective that's fresh. It breathes newness into ideas and processes that have grown tired and stagnant.Be open to compromise, and allow it to open new doors for you.

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