Weekly Wisdom 19: The Dragon's Duel

This weekly feature reveals the message behind a card drawn from Colette Baron-Reid's Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards*.The Dragon's Duel

The wisdom of The Dragon's Duel for this week

The phrase "conscious choice" stands out for this reading. The number 23 is transformed through numerology: 2 + 3 = 5, which resonates with change.Everything you're working for is hindered by everything you're working against. In both instances, it's you who is doing the work, and so the process of working against anything is a practice in futility. By shifting your focus solely to what you're working for, you're investing your energy in the positive; in the forward motion, and the momentum. By focusing solely on what you're working for, you create an infinite cycle of positive transformation as you align with your soul purpose.

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