Weekly Wisdom 11: The Dream Walker

This weekly feature reveals the message behind a card drawn from Colette Baron-Reid's Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards*.The Dream Walker

The wisdom of The Dream Walker for this week

The phrase "dreams" stands out for this reading.Call in your dreams. The answers you seek are playing out in your dreams, and yet you aren't remembering them save for vague images and faded whispers. Call them in. Intend for them to be as vibrant in the sleeping state as in the waking state, and make note of their messages; their symbols and metaphors and even outright truths. Intend for them to guide and inform you; to offer clarity and hope. Be determined in the remembrance, and reap their bounty.----------------------I laughed out loud when I drew this card for this week's reading. Last week, the Intuitive Studies degree course I'm in was all about dreams. In addition to that, I read Richard Bach's Illusions II* last week; the sequel to his beautiful book Illusions*, which I read over a decade ago. Note the text at the top of the card. :-)

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