Weekly Reading and Podcast: February 5, 2018

Weekly Reading and Podcast: February 5, 2018

Good day! I do hope it's that for you.For this week's video reading, I took a leap of faith - a second leap of faith, actually - and recorded it so you can see me talking and channeling. It's time. And I didn't perish from embarrassment in the process, so there's that. ;-)Channeled Energy Reading for the week of February 5 - February 11, 2018 ~ Intuitive Ellen ~ #tarot #channeling #tarotreading #energyreadingThis week's reading is a slight reboot, which makes sense to me given the new energies of February. In January, the four aspects we considered each week were:

♠ well-being♠ money♠ work♠ soul

In February, the four aspects we're considering are:

♥ well-being♠ money♣ relationships♦ soul

This feels better-balanced, to me, even though there was a purpose to the sometimes doubled-up energy of money and work in January. Relationships are important, especially as they're expressed with everyone and everything around us.

Channeled Energy Reading for Feb. 5 - Feb. 11, 2018

https://youtu.be/pG8XY-I8gDkEven though I didn't say it in the video, I encourage you to draw your own cards to personalize these messages. And if you don't have divination cards, perhaps you'll want to journal your personal insights and impressions. Both are excellent intuitive practice.And then we have this week's podcast.On Indwelling ~ Intuitive Ellen Podcast ~ Talking about my primary method of channeling, and offering up a message from archangel Michael. ~ #channeling #indwelling #archangelmichaelIt may be that it'll be of this nature from here on out - topical podcast rather than meditation. (My guides say, "yes.") Not to say that there won't be a meditation thrown in here and there, and yet it's more likely it'll be part of a larger broadcast.In this podcast, the primary topic is indwelling - my primary way of channeling. Indwelling is the method through which spirit guide, angel and ascended master energies inhabit a human and work with that human energy to speak and more. It's how I deliver messages to my clients. It's how my guides deliver messages to me.

On Indwelling ~ Intuitive Ellen Podcast for February 5, 2018

Because of its length, I won't transcribe it here. I will, however, transcribe it for a separate post.Peace. Blessings. Light. Love. ~Ellen 🙌

Indwelling: Full-Body Channeling

Channeled Reading for February 2018

Channeled Reading for February 2018