Weekly Reading and Meditation - January 29, 2018

Weekly Reading and Meditation - January 29, 2018

This week's reading feels like a doozy - even among some of the other doozies we've had this month.Channeled Energy Reading for January 29 - February 4, 2018 ~ Deck sourced: The Starchild Tarot * Akashic by Danielle Noel ~ Intuitive Ellen #channeledreading #tarotreading #tarotWhile the past four weeks were all about foundation-laying and, I hear, "priming the pump," this week's reading leads us to the exit of that energy. It also swings wide the door for the next "transit," which is all about transformational energy and engagement.In effect, this week's reading is both dessert and appetizer; or maybe amuse-bouche in preparation for appetizer. (All credit to Food Network for me knowing the term amuse-bouche.)And it all makes sense to me given our second full moon of the month rising on Wednesday, January 31, making it a blue moon. In addition, it's a super moon due to its proximity to Earth, and it comes along with a lunar eclipse that will impact us right into July. Whee.Here's our reading (in under 10 minutes!):

Weekly Energy Reading for Jan 29 - Feb 4, 2018

https://youtu.be/TC8rtFPhN_wInteresting, yes? What came up for you? I'd love for you to share in comments.Next, we segue to our weekly meditation, which is a second concept for meditation.Energy Healing: concept for meditation ~ Intuitive Ellen ~ #podcast #energyhealing #energywork #channelingI was really curious to see where this would go, when the topic was revealed to me. I like where it went, because where it went is important. It also feels like where it went is both intrinsic to and imperative for the transformation at hand through February's incoming energy.The transcription is below the audio recording. If you prefer reading to listening, I encourage you to consider pressing play and reading along to fully appreciate the tone of the channeled text.

Energy Healing: concept for meditation

Hi, this is Ellen. And as with last week, we will be meditating on a concept or a topic. And this week's subject is energy. We'll begin with a channeled message and I'll add any insights that may arise. So, let's begin.

And we notice when there is energy, there is all. In this way, understand everything is energy. And in this way, perhaps understand energy as it is exchanged. The exchange can occur as with speech, as with touch, as with any form of communication as it references the human, animal, plant... all of Earth.The energy we find most necessary to speak with is the energy of the universe; that energy which is as enfolding all of Earth, all upon Earth, all around Earth, and the entirety of the universe. It is what you could call the glue, as well as the function, as well as the material.With this, comprehend that energy is without limit. Energy is unlimited to form. It is visible and invisible. It is tangible and intangible. It is white and it is black. It is light and it is dark. Energy is energy. Only perception creates difference.

Wow. Okay. I received the nod that that was the conclusion of the message, so... I'm hearing "energy exchange" again, and that's leading me to consider energy exchange when it comes to healing energy. Something such as Reiki, Healing Touch, Soul Energy which I'm still unpacking... and how we "obtain" that energy, as I just heard. And also how we share that energy without depleting our own energy.So, when we think about expending our own energy, we might associate that with doing physical labor or doing exercise of some sort. And it is very similar when we use our energy in a healing capacity.If we are not taking care that the energy is coming from all around us and not drawing upon our physical resources, then we can deplete ourselves to the point that we become sick, or at the very least we can become extremely tired and, I just heard, "cranky," which I would agree with, too. Because, when our energy is sapped we tend to veer more toward the ego than the soul.

And understand, in the way of healing energy, all energy may be accessible for healing. In this way, if you are one who engages with healing with the hands, healing with the intention, then understand it is of importance you are creating an intention you are drawing from without; that you are drawing in that you may share the energy.

I hope that makes sense. It makes sense to me, however I use energy for healing pretty much every day in various ways. So, the concept of intending healing, which is how we work with distance healing, is truly no different than having your hands on somebody physically in front of you.It's my experience that being in session with someone in, for example, Florida, and I'm sitting here in New Hampshire, feeling as though my hands are on them even though we're thousands of miles apart - it is the exact same function for using energy. And the thing is, it is the same function. It isn't that it feels like that; it is the same function.Because one thing about energy, as well - this is any form of energy; not limiting it to healing energy - time and distance are irrelevant. We can effect change on a battlefield at the time of its worst battle.So, yeah, my guides are showing me Gettysburg as an example. And while I've done some energy work on Gettysburg - distance energy work - it could be perhaps even more powerful to focus energy on the battle that was the worst battle there. Intend that we are able to connect with the energy of the battle, of the battlefield at that time, and offer energy healing.And consider what that might do to transmute the heaviness of the energy or, as I just heard, the "outpouring" of the energy that took place there at that time. How might that affect the soldiers that battled there, who were wounded there, who died there?And I know this might be a stretch for some of you. At the same time, it feels really important to talk about such things because we, as humans, are taught to consider time in a linear manner when in fact it is not linear at all. And so, in some ways it could be said that the Battle of Gettysburg, as I just heard, is happening right now.And so, in that instant of sensing that energy, connecting with that energy - and, by the way, from a very grounded, shielded place - it gives us the opportunity to interact with that energy and help to ease the distortion of it.And why might this be coming up now? Why might this be important now?

We notice there is a new energy which has entered and is preparing for its debut, and this energy will help heal all Earth for all time.

So, there's another big concept just channeled from my spirit guides. And it's a concept I'm familiar with and it's unsurprising to me. It feels like - I just heard, "priming the pump." That's what this is doing. It's priming the pump.So, if you're listening to this you're probably someone who's already doing energy work at some level or has an interest in it. And considering these topics will be helpful for you, especially if you have any inclination toward helping to balance Earth's energy or rebalance Earth's energy, which is desperately needed, it feels like we will be doing that from the ground up, so to speak. And I don't just mean the physical ground.So, let's see if there's anything else to be said about this topic... No.If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. I mean, it may be that questions that come in may be suitable for a blog post or even another podcast, or perhaps a video. So, yes, I welcome questions and will answer them to the best of my ability, and then may address them in a longer form after that. Okay?So, thank you so much for listening, and until next time. Take good care. Lots of love.

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