Weekly Guidance: August 29, 2016

Our weekly guidance for the week of August 29 through September 4, 2016.Between Worlds: Weekly guidance for August 29 - September 4, 2016 ~ Card from Colette Baron-Reid's Wisdom of the Oracle deck

We see the energy shifting and making great possibilities. We see the realms of the angels are integrated with the human realm, and we see the spirit realms are now integrating with the human realm.We feel this is an important time for all spiritual seekers, lightworkers, and Earth angels. We feel there will be some trials as the energy of the spirit realms is integrated and the spirit realms associate themselves with those who are prepared to be in engagement and indwelling.Prepare for this through great self-care and meditation. Prepare for this through acceptance of the spirit over the ego. Prepare for this through allowing yourselves to surrender to the one light.

Holy mama. That explains a lot. I've written about the integration of the angel realms already: a hint here and a lot more here. I've written about indwelling here.It hasn't occurred to me that the integration of the spirit realms was the what-next that's been coming up repeatedly over the past couple months. Now, I get it.The mention of "trials as the energy of the spirit realms is integrated..." Let's consider that. What might those "trials" be?Here's what comes to mind: Growing pains in the parameters of spiritual evolution.

➡️ Physiological adjustments to the much different energy systems that will make indwelling possible.➡️ Psychological adjustments due to the knowings and understandings that will come from having access to the collective consciousness with such ease. (Talking massive paradigm shifts.)➡️ Relationship adjustments due to the psychological adjustments.

These energies are coming in with Mercury retrograde. Retrograde begins tomorrow (August 30). The energies enter beginning September 2, just past the new moon.So. Holy mama. I'll be writing more about retrograde, indwelling, and this latest energy development this week.

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