Weekly Guidance: August 22, 2016

Sisters of the Seasons: Weekly Guidance, August 22, 2016 ~ This card is from Colette Baron Reid's Wisdom of the Hidden Realms deck

Sisters of the Seasons: Weekly Guidance for the week of August 22 - August 28, 2016

We see the air is whispering hints of the Autumn soon to come. We see the wind whispers hints of what the Autumn will bring.We wish for you to understand there are multitudes of changes occurring with Earth. We see this is predicated by the opening of the one light and promises great transformation and hope.For this week, we see you will wish to be in awareness of what the changing energies do to your body, and to your intuitive sensitivities.We see you will wish to open up to the changing energies and wish them permission to activate the parts of you which wait to bring you greater insight and opportunity.We feel you are uncertain as to what this will mean for you and encourage you to consider the changing of the seasons. Summer is not in fear of Autumn. Autumn is not in fear of Winter. Winter is not in fear of Spring. Spring is not in fear of Summer.We see the seasons welcome each other with great delight as they understand the importance of times of rest and times of activity and times of growth and times of planting seeds.We wish for you to consider your energy seasons as such. We see this will create greater ease of transformation and will allow you to be more open to what your soul wishes to say to you.

What a beautiful and helpful message. I'm so struck by the points of seasons not living in fear of each other.What changes are you feeling?How are you being open (in loving welcome) or closed (in fear) of those changes?What changes might you need to make in order to hold that loving-welcome space?These are questions to consider this week.Practices to help this process include meditation (of course), channeled writing, drawing oracle or Tarot cards, and communicating with your spirit team (angels and guides).

Sisters of the Season comes from Colette Baron-Reid's Wisdom of the Hidden Realms deck.Feel as though you need a question answered? Consider an email reading.

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