The Unspoken Truth about Divination Cards

The Unspoken Truth about Divination Cards


Divination cards can be an unknown quantity to people already, and here I am making them more mysterious - and dramatic - with the title of this post.

That's okay. The mystery is about to be demystified.

The Unspoken Truth About Divination Cards

Once Upon a Time...

...I was guided to buy a basic Tarot deck; Rider-Waite, I believe. I was in my late 20s, and this was long (so, so long) before I used terms like "guided." At the time, in my favorite bookstore, the deck stood out as though it was spotlit.

I couldn't not buy it, even though such things weren't at all on my radar. As crazy as it was, I just had to add that deck to the short stack of books destined for the checkout line.

(It's laughable, now, to consider that. My spirit team was working hard to get my attention.)

Later that evening, I was sitting on my bed, practicing writing my signature. You see, I was engaged to be married, the wedding was five months away, I was lovestruck, and I wanted to get used to signing my name with a different surname.

In that in-love-fueled happy place, I opened the Tarot cards, read the instructions, and shuffled the cards. I wanted to know about my happily-ever-after with my fiancé, and drew a simple three-card spread to represent our relationship: past, present, future.

I turned over the first, past card, and sourced the guidebook: Awww... Such goodness. Happy sigh.

I turned over the second, present card, and sourced the guidebook: Awww... Such sweetness. Happy sigh.

I turned over the third, future card, and sourced the guidebook: What the heck?!

There was nothing sweet about that card. There was no happy sigh. There was disbelief, and then anger, because the future card indicated there was no future with my fiancé.

Stupid cards. What do they know, anyway? Clearly: nothing.

I wrapped them up in their silk cloth, and shoved them into the bottom back of the least-used drawer of my dresser.

A Fateful Tarot Spread: The Magician, The Lovers, Death

One Month Later...

My fiancé did the unthinkable; the unimaginable. In spite of the extreme nature of his infraction, he still wanted to get married, promising he'd do whatever I wanted him to do to fix our crumbling relationship.

How could he possibly fix it, and why did that hinge on what I wanted him to do about it? What about what he wanted - needed - to do about it?

I broke the engagement, and sent him away. (You can read the details here, if you'd like.)

Those "stupid" cards were now prophetic cards which, naturally, made them dangerous.

I did what any intelligent woman faced with low-down dangerous truth-telling Tarot cards linked to the demise of her happily-ever-after life with the supposed man of her dreams would do: I threw them away.

Present Time

Now, almost 22 years after the debacle, and although I've worked with Angel Tarot cards, I still don't own a standard Tarot deck.

And what's funny (to me) about that is, the Angel Tarot cards are still Tarot cards, even if they are couched by their angelic flavor and energy. They are still truth-tellers. They're still linked to spirit, albeit via the angel realms.

And that brings me to that unspoken truth about divination cards - Tarot and otherwise: They are truth-tellers.

Divination Cards are Truth-Tellers

The truth about divination cards is, they tell the truth.

It doesn't matter how pretty or artsy or soft or sweet the cards may be in appearance. It doesn't matter if they're called divination cards, oracle cards, fortune-telling cards, or Tarot cards.

They all share one huge factor: The truth.

It's something that can catch the casual user by surprise. It's something that can catch the professional user by surprise, too, at times.

All these years later, when I now use an assortment of divination cards in intuitive readings both for clients and for myself, I can still be taken aback by the truth the cards will reveal.

Sometimes, it feels very much like some sort of ambush. Maybe that's divine intervention? Definitely it's spirit intervention. :-)

And it's all of this that probably led to me enjoying a robust LOL moment when I came across this image on Instagram recently (edited for language and grammar):

What I thought Tarot would be like: I can see the past, present, and future so clearly!! ~ What Tarot's actually like: Damn! I just got called the f**k out by a deck of cards.

Feel free to substitute the word "divination" or "oracle" for "Tarot." :-)

Getting Called Out By Divination Cards

Tarot and oracle cards don't always call us out. I find that happens when we haven't been listening to guidance which has become obvious to a point of stopping just short of slapping us up side the head.

Overall, our spirit teams will more than likely project their messages to us in a gentle and loving manner. It's only when we ignore - repeatedly - those messages that, while still loving, they may become more pointed.

Divination cards open up a means of getting the point across in the way of a head slap. When we think of them that way - especially if we're a bit put off by traditional Tarot cards, as I have been - perhaps they'll be more like that friend who always says what needs saying.

And there you have it.

Now the truth about divination cards is no longer unspoken. Not all that mysterious, right? Maybe a little dramatic though. ;-)

Want to experience some divine truth-telling? Book an intuitive session or reading with me.

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