Under the Power of Love

Love... It's amazing what can happen when a person operates from that active space. There's an enchanting openness that evokes a feeling of ease and grace from everything they say and do.It's miraculous.When it's the power behind thought, word, and deed, nothing is impossible. Nothing is hard. Nothing is mean or tormented. When it's the power that drives us, peace follows.

Love is the Foundation of Peace

It's the whisper in your ear that says, "Take heart. This isn't personal. Don't be upset. Be at peace."It absolves us of the need to blame and to hinder; to provoke and to incite.It invites us, instead, to hold blameless and to support; to be gentle and to invite.It is immeasurable in its potential to shine light. Its light is a magnet for darkness. Its light is hope and oneness and all that is "good" and "right."With love, all things truly are possible. That's its superpower. And it's yours to harness and to share and to reciprocate.Under the power of love...

Our beautiful Earth can be whole again. Earth's inhabitants - you, me, all of us - can be whole again. The peace that passes all understanding will prevail through the end of time.

Can you imagine it? Can you feel it? Can you create it?This is our task: yours and mine. This is our ultimate calling and destiny. This is our divine right. This is what will bring healing to all who need it, and to Earth, and throughout the entire universe.Fall under the power of love. Be a light in this world. Bear peace in your heart.Your being with love and with peace can and will make your life better. And when that happens, it will ripple out to make our world better.

Master Energy: Sneak Peek

Peace That Passes All Understanding