Tuning In

I wrote recently about practice; specifically about how practice makes progress. The practices I focused on in that post were meditation, Reiki, eating well, and peace.Something I practice for the purposes of my work, and for myself, too, is tuning in.

What Does Tuning In Mean?

Tuning in means listening to our intuition; our higher self. Also  our spiritual support team - angels and guides - angel realms, and spirit realms.Tuning into our intuition, angels, and guides is a gift to ourselves. ~ Intuitive EllenFor me, tuning in also means listening to my clients through holistic means: mental/emotional, physical, and spiritual.When I tune into my spiritual support team, I may start off with one question, and when the guidance comes, it leads to other questions.Sometimes, my team demands that I tune into them. In fact, that happened a couple of days ago.I was catching up on some blog reading when a heady feeling I associate with connecting to my intuition, higher self, and my team came on so strongly, I had to stop reading, close my eyes, and tune in.It was one of my guides, and he required my undivided attention. (He got it, and the result was something I've been meaning to do for some time. I'll share in a separate post.)When I tune into a client, I get all sorts of information. It may come in words, or images, or sensations, or all of the above.The sensation aspect is the most intriguing to me, because when that happens, whatever may be going on physically with my client will reflect in my own body.The sensation is that of heat, and the heat is of varying degrees, depending on the severity of the concern.

How Do I Tune In?

It's an ever-evolving process, and yet so far I find the best way for me to tune in is to become still; close my eyes, take a breath, allow myself to go inward, and then outward, and pay attention.The more I tune in, the more information I receive, and faster.During an email conversation with a woman whose house sees a good bit of paranormal activity, I had more information to impart to her with each succeeding exchange.What was happening was, I was tuning into her situation more and more, and so I was able to discern more about it.

Can You Tune In?

Yes. Absolutely. It involves willingness, trust, and patience. It also involves practice.The more you practice, the easier it will be to tune in. The easier it becomes to tune in, the more information you're likely to receive.It's another ripple effect, isn't it?What about you? Do you tune in? How do you tune in?