Trusting Guidance

Yesterday, trusting guidance was at the forefront of a most unexpected, and exquisitely profound, adventure.It all started innocently enough. I'd arranged to go on a "road trip" with my friend Tina to Circles of Wisdom in Andover, MA. It was a shop I'd known about for two or three years, and yet hadn't been to.Yesterday was the "finally" point.Trusting Guidance ♥ Ellen M. Gregg ~ Intuitive Healer & Guide

It Has to be 10:00.

When we were making arrangements to go, the subject of "when" came up. The guidance I received was that we needed to be there pretty much when the shop opened, at 10:00 am.Beyond the guidance, it felt "right," and worked well with both our schedules.We arrived there shortly after 10:00, and found an ideal parking space a super-short walk from the shop, in spite of it being a busy Friday morning.

Huh. That's Interesting.

A sign just outside the shop door told us that there were groups and classes going on at Circles of Wisdom that day. In fact, one weekly group - Energy Healing and Meditation - had started at 10:00 and was running until noon.We had no idea the shop also offered classes and groups. That was an intriguing revelation to be served.

Holy Masters, Tina!

The moment we walked into the shop, we were greeted by a display of statuary which included Mary, Jesus, Kuan Yin, and Archangels Michael and Raphael. They were stunning. We were awestruck.In addition, there were angel medallions and archangel medallions and stones and crystals attributed with the energies of the archangels. It was as though the masters and archangels had met us there, and were welcoming us.(And that was a major dichotomy of thought for me, especially since the masters and archangels walk with me 100% of the time. Then again, consider that those in spirit can be everywhere at the same time and we can see how there is no actual dichotomy.)

All the Pretties

There is so much to see in Circles of Wisdom, much like there is at Mustard Seed. We buzzed around the shop for a good 30 minutes, baskets in hand.For me, the basket was in my hand almost immediately, because that's what I was guided to do. Each item that was added to it was a guided choice.And that's important to note, because even though my purpose for going to Circles of Wisdom was part of a message I'd received earlier in the week about a few things I needed for my business. I didn't know what those things were, I just knew I needed whatever they may be.I admit, there were a couple of things that elicited an out-loud, "Really?" as they were plucked off their shelf and deposited into my basket. That was my only question, though. I didn't even ask, "Why?"I trusted the guidance I was receiving.

Pushing the Envelope

The next bit of guidance pushed the envelope a bit, even for me. The door to the classroom had opened a little after 10:30 to admit a latecomer who'd been lingering in the store waiting for an opportunity to join the group that had gathered.No sooner had the woman been admitted, when I blurted to Tina, "We're supposed to be in there." We were queued at the register, and the clerk had gone to fetch a box for an item.I followed after the unsuspecting woman, poked my head into the back room she'd disappeared into, and told her, "We're supposed to be in that class."Mind you, the class - group, really - had started about 40 minutes earlier. It didn't matter. I felt a deep knowing that we had to join it, right now.The clerk gently knocked on the door, and peeked in to express our need to the facilitator, who nicely agreed to let us in. The clerk told us she'd hold our things behind the counter until the group was over, and we entered the classroom.

So Much to Do

We were warmly welcomed, and took the seats that we individually ID'ed as "our seats" in the circle. We also individually ID'ed one person in the group as someone who stood out sharply from the others. (We learned of these mutual IDs during our post-experience discussion.)We were whisked into a gently meditative state by the facilitator, and then into a brief discussion, and then another meditative state. At that point, we had a brief break to drink some water.During the break, I was guided to a woman, and guided to ask her permission to touch her. She immediately responded, "Yes," and my right hand settled on her throat while my left hand cupped the back of her head, at the occipital ridge.It was full-out Shamanic technique that I was guided to perform on her. An energetic blockage was pulled out of her throat area with my right hand, and then I was guided (almost pushed, I swear) across the room to deposit that energetic residue into a glowing salt lamp.When my hand was clear, I went back to her and performed a near-identical action to the last, this time observing out loud that a black cloud or smoke was streaming out of her throat. It was deposited into another salt lamp.

Energy Exchange

As the break, which was no longer than five minutes, ended, the facilitator announced that it was time to exchange hands-on energy healing. While she explained that we would be paired up with another participant, and would be giving and receiving (five minutes each), I was guided to the opposite side of the room from Tina.That new position placed me beside a different woman, who then became my energy-exchange partner. I received first, and then we switched. Later, I said to Tina that I didn't actually need to receive, I'd been placed with the woman because she needed to receive from me.For her, I was guided to employ both Shamanic techniques and Master Energy. And let me say, that's a potent combination. (Possible understatement alert.)

Visions Fulfilled

At the halfway point of the exchange, we were encouraged to get more water. I didn't need water, and yet something was needed, because I was guided to the opposite end of the room to a large bookshelf. My hands skimmed one of the shelves until the book that was sought was found.I pulled it off the shelf, turned toward Tina, and handed it to one of the other women beside her, who looked a bit shocked as she saw the title and cover, which was dedicated to the virgin Mary. She said that she'd had a vision of Mary during the first group meditation at the top of the class.After the energy exchange, the facilitator invited us to share our experience with our partner, and then she invited us to share it with the group, as well. She started with me, as I was immediately to her left, at that point, and went around the circle. The last person to share was the only man in the circle.As the sharing concluded, the facilitator offered to us a vision she'd had the night before, when she set her intentions for the group. She'd seen a full circle of people in the classroom. When the class began, the number of people didn't fit the vision. By the time Tina and I entered the classroom, her vision was fulfilled.While she spoke, I found myself fixated on the man across from me, and realized I was seeing something that wasn't physically apparent. When she finished, I asked if I could share something with the man.The facilitator and he gave me permission to do that, and I described that I saw him wearing a suit of armor which was a past-life artifact. The armor no longer served him and needed to be removed.The facilitator gasped. She shared that she and the man were long-time friends, and that she'd held a vision of him in a suit of armor for some time. In fact, she joked with him that he was her "knight in shining armor."While she shared that vision, I asked "the powers-that-be" for permission to remove the armor, and received an enthusiastic (almost urgent) "Yes." I expressed that to him, and he agreed that it could be removed.Then, I asked the facilitator permission to remove it, since it was her group. Her "Yes" was equally enthusiastic.I was guided across the room to him, and guided to talk aloud throughout the process, explaining everything I did as I did it. It was pure Shamanic technique for the removal, with a "power shot" of Master Energy at the end to boost his newly-freed energy make-up.I was guided back to my seat, and the group ended after a few housekeeping notations from the facilitator.

This is for You

Tina and I queued back up at the counter to retrieve our purchases, and enjoyed an almost jaw-dropping synchronicity with the amount we each spent; so much so that another clerk had to look up the number's meaning:

...a message to do with your life purpose and soul mission, and you are to pursue your spiritual interests and career and life choices.  If you are considering beginning or expanding a spiritually-based practice, career or profession, now is a suitable time to take on this endeavour.  Using your natural lightworking abilities and talents, and living your life as a positive example for others to learn from are important aspects of your soul mission.

The number also vibrates with the energy of the Ascended Masters. (Angel bumps!)From there, we walked to a nearby cafe, because we were in dire need of grounding foods. There, we talked over the whole experience, with a whole lot of "Holy crap," "That was crazy-awesome," and "Did that really happen?"As we finished our lunch, the women at the table beside us were finishing theirs, too. Suddenly, my hands were reaching up and unclasping the necklace I wore, which featured a large blue sandstone pendant I'd been guided to purchase back in August. (Something I wouldn't have chosen for myself because, as I said to Tina afterward, "It just wasn't me.")I was guided to remove the pendant from its chain, and give it to one of the three women, who, as I explained to her, would need its energy as it resonated with communication and the throat chakra.They left, after a little confusion and surprise, and greetings of "Merry Christmas," and I put the now pendant-less chain back around my neck. Then Tina handed my little brown bag over to me since we were preparing to leave.I was guided to pull everything out of the bag, until I found what I didn't know I was looking for: a spirit-animal medallion which featured a horse. I was then guided to give it to a woman at the table on the other side of us, because, as I was guided to tell her, the strength of the horse would help her.We exchanged "Merry Christmas" with the woman and her companion, and went on our way.

Trusting Guidance

That's all to say, trusting guidance is imperative to fulfilling our soul purpose and life mission (or life purpose and soul mission).The whole adventure exemplified how trusting guidance serves others, and then also serves ourselves.♥ Trusting guidance positions us in the places and spaces, and with the people and things, which will help us to fulfill our divine calling.♥ Trusting guidance allows us to view the physical world through a spiritual lens.♥ Trusting guidance empowers us with a motivation that supersedes thought, and takes us straight to heartfelt knowing.♥ Trusting guidance provides us with a depth of intuition and access to insight that is beyond anything we could possibly imagine on our own, and takes communication to a level we can't reach from the human perspective.You're invited to open yourself to trusting the guidance that waits for your clear attention, today.

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