Today is Earth Day

Today is Earth Day


Today is Earth Day.

Earth Day falls on the day of the full pink moon here in the U.S. The moon reached its peak at 1:24 am EST.

I'll start by saying I was woken up by a need to use the bathroom at 1:11 am EST.

Back in bed, I saw the digital clock by my bedside turn to 1:24, acknowledged the depth of the moon's energy and the brilliance of her light with equal amounts of heaping gratitude, and then promptly fell asleep again.

Today is Earth Day.

The energy of this full moon Earth Day is decidedly unearthly.

It's transcendent in quality; so much so that I'm hard-pressed to keep my eyes open because it's so easy to slip into deep meditation.

There's a peacefulness to it that reminds me - and us - that this is our natural state of being.

♥ We aren't meant to be at war.
♥ We aren't meant to be critical or judgmental or dogmatic.
♥ We aren't meant to be empty of self-love.

Today is Earth Day. (It's also the full pink moon.) ~ Honor Earth Day every day.

Today is Earth Day.

This energy reminds us of the unavoidable truth.

♥ That we are eternally one.
♥ That we are internally light.
♥ That we are of spirit and by spirit and for spirit forever and ever amen.

We are here to live in spiritual solidarity on a planet whose gifts and graces we are beholden to in the best sense.

She gives us so much. We need to give her so much equally.

Today is Earth Day.

We have the capacity to realign ourselves with that internal light and reconnect with all that is and restore the planet Earth to her most favorable state of being.

Lush. Luminous.

As she is lush and luminous so are we lush and luminous and so it goes into eternity. Into infinity. And beyond.

The energy today is higher than high.

It's an unfolding. It's an invitation. It's an invocation.

It's a gift for all to receive. It's a given for all to receive.

Today is Earth Day.

And as we are stewards of Earth so we are called to bring the lush luminescence of her rightful frame back into being.

We start with ourselves. We extend it to Earth.

We remember who we are and why we're here and what must be done to ensure the regeneration of the Earth and humanity.

Today is Earth Day.

And as we are beings of the light so we are called to put an end to the suffering of those who are oppressed and underserved and forgotten or lost.

We start with ourselves. We extend it to others.

We remember that we are all one. We are all connected. There is no we and them. There is only always us.

Today is Earth Day.

May it be that we remember before it's too late that our place on Earth is meant for the benefit and grace of all.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

I'd be remiss not to mention the passing of Prince yesterday because he and his music were so impactful on my life.

Prince: Life and the Afterworld. 1958 - 2016.

I'm struck by the synchronicity that as the lyric continues, the word "elevator" is used. Prince passed in an elevator.

Are we gonna let the elevator bring us down? Oh, no. Let's go! Let's go crazy!

I consider - suppose, really - that Prince is appreciating that synchronicity as he executes his spirit-realm activities with the same amount of passion he executed his music and his life.

It may be of comfort - and perhaps no surprise - to know that he was called to return to spirit.

Here's the message I received around that yesterday afternoon:

We see a man passed. We see a man who is needed in the spirit realms. We see a man whose work is now more impactful in spirit form. We see a teacher. We see an instructor. We see an advisor.

Comforting and not too surprising.

Today is Earth Day.

So too is tomorrow, and the day after that.

We can make our work on Earth more impactful by remembering that.

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