To Be Fair: Fourth Card for the New Energies

If you read this week’s guidance message, you’ll know it’s suggested we draw a daily card specific to the message to help glean all we can from it.? My first personal draw for the week was Imagine.? My second personal draw for the week was Between Worlds.? My third personal draw for the week was Yin.Here’s the card I drew for me today, and its message for my work’s evolution:To Be Fair ~ Fourth card for the new energies.To Be Fair ~ From Colette Baron-Reid's Wisdom of the Oracle deck.Oh, how I love this card. Every time I pull it, I immediately feel my Libra-ness and its penchant for balance and equality. ☺️

We see we are wishing to dispose the necessity of emptying the masculine energies in order to replenish the feminine energies. We see the masculine energies have been too long in the nature of controlling the feminine energies. We see we must power the feminine energies to rise above the masculine energies, and in this way restore balance between the two.We will do this through working with the women to reclaim the full force of their feminine wisdom and understandings and physicalities. We see we will wish for women, in spite of their sexual orientations, to be in keeping with their feminine ideals.

"Dispose" is an interesting choice of word for that first sentence. Given the word's second meaning - "arrange in a particular position" - it makes some sense. I'm choosing not to overthink it. ?I'm understanding what's been said to mean that, in a sense, women need to be stripped, in a way, of their masculine energies in order to allow their feminine energies to be fully formed within them.Once that's accomplished, the masculine energies will be restored in the way which they're intended to: in ideal balance and alignment with the feminine energies.I'm being shown Hillary Rodham Clinton, and in her I see this need. Through her own admission in a couple of telling posts via Humans of New York (first here and second here), she's had to "man up" in many ways in order for her to make her way in politics.Now that Mrs. Clinton is where she is in the political arena, that man-up quality really isn't necessary anymore. It isn't serving her anymore - at least, not at the level she's been activating it to be.This is the time for her to let her deeply feminine and maternal and nurturing side shine through, balanced by those masculine traits which necessarily served her during her oftentimes harrowing climb.While she may be an extreme example, since most women aren't running for POTUS, the example is sound. Many of us have had to be stronger, harder, and faster to keep up with our male counterparts during a period of time when the male has overly dominant.That time is receding, and fast. There will be shake-ups to expose that very thing. And so the work which is being assigned to me to bring into this world will revolve around showing women how to be their most feminine self in balance with their masculine energies.It's ever more fascinating, as this week continues.

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