Three of Cups: Taking On Tarot

Three of Cups

My self-study of Tarot continues with the Three of Cups. Or, as I just heard, "revelry."Three of Cups: Taking On Tarot ~ A self-study of the Universal Waite Tarot deck, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

First Impressions

"To life! To life! L'chaim!"; celebration; ritual dance; holy day gathering; creature comforts; gratitude; "happy ending."


Cups, grapes, apples and/or peaches, pumpkin, vines.The wealth of vines catch my attention here. They're prevalent even in the hair of the blonde and brunet maidens. They feel as though they're meant to symbolize luxurious, abundant growth, which would seem fitting for the overall tone of this card.


Burnt orange, gold, white, blue, purple, green, mustard, peach, brown, blonde, ginger.It's the gold of the blonde maiden's tunic and of the cups themselves that stands out above all the other colors. Considering the solar plexus chakra and its yellow/gold color, that feels "spot on," as I just heard.The solar plexus chakra is all about personal power and intuition. I venture to say that these maidens are practicing a whole lot of personal power in this scene.

What the Guide Says About the Three of Cups

"Maidens in a garden celebrate with cups uplifted, as if pledging one another."Divinatory Meanings: The conclusion of any matter. Plenty, perfection, merriment, happiness, victory, fulfillment, solace, healing."Reversed: Expedition, dispatch, achievement, end."Well, I'm surprised to say I'm in almost total agreement with the guide's text... Almost. I'm scratching my head over "expedition" and "dispatch," although as I wrote that I heard "send-off." So, perhaps it could be said the gathering is a bon voyage for one or more of the maidens, or for a season, whether of the Earth or personal variety.

What We Say About the Three of Cups

Ending as a celebration.Conclusion of a season of change.Solstice or Equinox ceremony.Happiness with life as a whole.Dancing as a way of promoting togetherness and gratitude for abundance and prosperity and unity.Ritual of maidens as they honor their womanhood.Divine feminine rite of passage.

Other Impressions

Cultivating friendship.Cares and worries released.Ceremonial bonding.Thanksgiving."Here's to us / One more toast..."

 I Might Ask a Client...

"How are you celebrating - or how might you celebrate - life's changes and conclusions?""Do you celebrate your womanhood, with all its powerful ebbs and flows?"What comes up for you around this card?

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