Thoughts on The InBetween

Thoughts on The InBetween

The InBetween is a new TV show airing Wednesday nights at 10:00 pm Eastern on NBC. The premiere episode aired May 29. I watched it June 1.

Please note: There are spoilers ahead. So if you plan to watch the show and would rather experience it without any knowledge of the particulars, stop here.

Thoughts on The InBetween | A blog post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive | #TheInBetween #medium #psychic #haunting #thesoulways

Thoughts on The InBetween | A blog post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive | #TheInBetween #medium #psychic #haunting #thesoulways

Pictured: Harriet Dyer as Cassie Bedford

The Premise of The InBetween...

...bears some general resemblance to other similar shows. Psychic-medium Cassie Bedford, played by Harriet Dyer, uses her intuitive abilities in support of homicide investigations. In an interesting twist, her main contact at the Seattle Police Department is her foster/adoptive father. Tom Hackett, played by Paul Blackthorne, works as a homicide detective.

It's a premise with promise, based on the premiere episode's plot. What I particularly appreciated was the normalcy leveled upon Cassie's world from her perspective. For her, the abilities she accesses are no different than any other ability. She didn't appear to perceive her abilities as special, even though they gave her a major "in" on several levels.

The show treats them as simply another facet of her everyday. And I believe it's for that reason I found myself surprised by this revelation: A young girl named Abigail, played by Sarah Abbott, who apparently lived with Cassie (and possessed her own intriguing abilities) turned out to be a spirit caught in the InBetween. I actually gasped when the revelation occurred.

About the "InBetween"

First, I term it the in-between. And I used to use that term for the healing and resting space spirits/souls reside in between incarnations. My understanding now is, the in-between is a liminal space in which some souls find themselves once released from the human body. Rather than returning to source, a.k.a. the light, they get stuck in a space that's conducive to the soul retaining its full range of human attributes and characteristics.

In that in-between space, accessing those human qualities, the Earth-tethered souls may...

:: aimlessly roam the places they lived and worked

:: interact with people, animals and objects

:: take on ever-denser energy, especially if they tended toward dense emotions such as anger and hatred in life

Part of my work includes releasing souls from that in-between space. Sometimes they come to me of their own accord, sometimes I come across them, and other times clients bring them to my attention. No matter the circumstance, my purpose asks that I facilitate their return to source. The willingness of the souls' exit from that space varies, so I always prepare myself for the possible need of compassionate insistence.

As to why souls become stuck in that space, my experience tells me it happens 1) because of a traumatic death and/or 2) because of unresolved human concerns.

Traumatic death

To be clear, not all traumatic deaths catapult souls into that space. In some instances, the soul actually "misses" the light when it opens for them. We could think of it like missing an exit on the highway. The good news is, another exit gives us the opportunity to reach our destination. These are the souls who either find me or I simply come upon. They stand out like beacons in their quest for assistance.

Unresolved human concerns

In this instance, there's willfulness involved in accessing that space. It's as though the ego adheres to the soul, shouting "I'm not done yet!" And it's in this instance that things can get "ugly." It's an invitation for the soul to act as a sponge for dark energy. That dark energy produces some gnarly-looking souls and scary - even dangerous - situations.

The InBetween's usage of the in-between

Abigail's situation offered an accurate representation of how the in-between may affect a soul. Her wrongful death precipitated her being caught in that space. And as time passed, her anger over the situation escalated and led to one action in particular that could have proven tragic.

Cassie coached Abigail and helped her understand where her anger truly lay: with the person who killed her. Then, Cassie did something that made me uncomfortable. She urged Abigail to redirect her anger in a concerted way toward that person, to torment him.

Cassie then took it a step further and made good on a promise to Abigail. She visited the person who killed Abigail at the jail where he was incarcerated, and gave him a message from Abigail. The message detailed the method of Abigail's death, validating the message's authenticity, and then detailed how Abigail would torture him to death. By the way, the murderer was Abigail's grandfather; her mother's father.

Cassie's intuitive abilities

Part of the fun for me was identifying Cassie's intuitive abilities. Aside from the psychic-medium generalization, she displayed:

:: clairvoyance

:: claircognizance

:: clairaudience

:: clairsentience

The only two clair senses that missed the boat of the premiere were clairalience and clairgustance.

The premiere episode plot

For me, it seemed the premiere achieved a lot of foundation-laying, even as it acclimated viewers to the world of Seattle homicide investigations. We learn of Cassie's abilities and her personal relationship with Tom Hackett and his husband. We learn how Tom and his husband find themselves at-odds over the usage of Cassie's abilities for police work. And we meet agent Damien Asante, played by Justin Cromwell, who moved to Seattle with plenty of secrets in tow.

The plot revealed a thread from a present-day homicide to decade-old homicides via copycat dynamics. The revelation of who bore responsibility for the murder came as a surprise to me, and revealed another thread. That particular thread introduced us to the now-dead perpetrator of the decade-old murders, caught in the "InBetween" and wanting out.

That's all to say...

...I truly enjoyed the premiere episode of The InBetween and find myself anticipating watching episode two this weekend. What I enjoyed above all else was Cassie's treatment of her abilities as normal. It's something I strive for every day in my own life - some days more successfully than others. And it's something I feel is super important as more and more people awaken to their spiritual natures.

Have you seen this show yet? If yes, what are your impressions?

Blessed be.

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