Thoughts on Lost Time

Yesterday morning, I lost time. I glanced at the clock, noting its time: 7:57. Assured of my efficiency, I returned to the task at hand, estimating no more than five minutes for completion. (It's 9:11 as I type this.) Task complete, I glanced at the clock again. It read 8:27.

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8:27? The surprise of that time felt like a shock running through my body. There is no possible way that finishing my task took 30 minutes. And on top of that, my memory of completing the task seemed "dim," for lack of a better description.

What the heck?

The concept of lost time

Lost time as a concept appears relatively simple in nature. As per my example, we have an awareness of time based on our current situation. Then, after a while, we notice the time again and find we "lost" a period of it - perhaps inexplicably, as in my cited case. If the instance warrants it, we might tell someone, "I lost track of time."

In taking a moment to think about it, chances are we'll identify times we lost time. And the sensations around those instances may feel "dim" or "fuzzy." In focusing on those instances, the chance exists that we may find ourselves clear on the why behind at least a portion of them. What about the rest, though?

How we lose time

There are at least a couple ways we may frequently lose time in the course of our everyday lives. The first we might label "normal" and the second we might label - well - "not as normal."

The "normal"

We get caught up in something. Whether it's a book, a movie or a creative project, we become so entrenched in it that time seemingly evaporates. Another symptom of this could include not hearing someone saying your name. (I love when this happens. It means the activity holds a high level of alignment, in my experience.)

We go on autopilot. This may happen when we drive the same route on our way to work every day. It becomes so routine that we may not remember portions of the route some days. It's as though that time is lost, even though we may arrive at work by the time estimated.

In these instances, we actually enter an altered state. Our awareness is keen for the task at hand to the exclusion of outside interference. (Meditation and hypnosis may put us in an altered state, too.) Please note, however, that autopilot driving is inadvisable. If this is part of your experience, please consider how you might thwart it. (Change your route. Listen to an interesting audiobook or podcast.)

The "not as normal"

While making notes for this post, my guides offered up "extraterrestrial interference" for this section... and nothing else. Seriously. Cue crickets beyond this explanation.

Here's the thing: Extraterrestrials could as easily be Spielberg's E.T. or Close Encounters of the Third Kind variety, or we might identify them as spirit guides, angels, ascended masters and the like.

Think about that. Extraterrestrial means, basically, beyond Earth or not of the Earth. And while experience shows me our spirit guides, angels, the ascended masters, etc., walk side-by-side with us, they aren't actually of the Earth. Make sense?

So, "extraterrestrial interference" could mean our spirit guides "communed" with us in such a way that we lost time. It could mean an archangel or ascended master supporting us delivered such a powerful energy that the time it took for delivery evaporated. And it could also mean something less comfortable: that we experienced a form of "alien abduction."

What happened yesterday morning?

Yesterday morning, I "took an excursion through the void, for engaging with the father." Oh... Well, that's something I'll unpack for myself. Suffice to say, I'm unsurprised by that channeled revelation. My dad's been around quite a bit, of late.

What about you?

:: Have you ever lost time?
:: If yes, were you able to identify with certainty how it happened?

Blessed be.

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