Thoughts on Daily Rituals

Daily rituals... Those habitual activities that provide us with focus, groundedness, openness and even satisfaction. (Is there anything more satisfying than that first sip of coffee or tea each day?)

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The image above depicts most of my ideal daily rituals:

  • journaling ("morning pages"),
  • personal card draw,
  • energy clearing and grounding (the pendulum),
  • meditation (the goddess medallion) and
  • a cup of black coffee

Not pictured is my reusable water bottle, which I empty and fill twice upon awakening.

Notice I said the image depicts most of my *ideal* daily rituals. While ideal, I admit it's a rare day, these days, that my ritual includes more than the not-pictured water and the coffee. And that fact embarrasses me, because other than getting out of my own way no excuse exists for not investing in them.


Resistance makes up the entirety of this. Specifically, it's resistance to self-care. Not one of the rituals mentioned above could be labelled frivolous or unnecessary, from my perspective. Each holds great value, and each promotes a sense of well-being - yes, even the coffee.

And although I offer myself as an example, chances are likely this may apply to you, too. You likely find yourself in a similar situation.

So, why the resistance? Why resist scheduling a daily date with ourselves for practicing rituals that raise our vibration and fill us up? Why resist that which, ultimately, helps us be better and healthier people?

In addition to the fact that our ego perceives changes in habit as some sort of threat, a few potential excuses come up here:

  1. "I don't have time." There are only so many hours in a day.
  2. "It's less important than..." We feel other people and other things (tasks, etc.) must come first.
  3. "I don't deserve it." Somehow, we feel we aren't worth the investment.


The thing is, daily rituals that feed our mind, body and spirit deserve treatment as a priority. We deserve treatment - self-treatment, first - as a priority. And beyond deserving - beyond lack of self-worth - we must remember that caring for ourselves first allows us to care for others better.

It's a hard fact that if our well runs dry, we can't help others fill theirs. So...

I find myself ready - albeit with resistance - for recommitting to daily rituals I benefit from. In addition to those two bottles of water and a cup of black coffee, they include, in order:

  • grounding and clearing
  • meditation (10 minutes or more)
  • personal card draw
  • journaling

Will you recommit, too? Define and detail your ideal daily rituals and recommit yourself to them, if you're ready - and maybe even if you aren't ready.

In support of us and our rituals, I embedded two videos below. I also added items to my favorite-things page that may support our rituals.

Blessed be.

Embedded Videos

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