Angels and Demons: The Thinning Veil at Hallowe'en

[soundcloud url="" params="color=784f79&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=false&show_user=true&show_reposts=false" width="100%" height="166" align="center" iframe="true" /]It’s a sometimes-uncomfortable fact that with the approach of Hallowe’en comes an increase in spirit-realm and low-level-realm activity. It has less to do with the time of the year, and more to do with the energy of the celebrations.Celebrations of Hallowe’en, or Samhain, or Day of the Dead conduct a lot of energy that then gets directed toward those two realms. The results of that thinning veil may understandably range from awesome to undesirable.

The siren call of Hallowe'en makes thin the veil that stands between. | Intuitive Ellen

Awesome Treat

Whether it’s angels, or spirit guides, or crossed-over loved ones, a visit from the spirit realm can be comforting, exciting, and even inspiring. The spirit realm is all about raising you up to be your best self.This week is an ideal opportunity to ask your angels for help with something that’s been troubling you; to ask your spirit guides to assist you in attaining your next level of growth; to tell your crossed-over loved ones that you love them and miss them, and ask for a sign that your message has been received.Your chances are higher than usual for sensing the presence of these benevolent energies, and communicating in ways that typically may not be possible. Invite them into your dreams. Intend that you’ll have a special experience. Open yourself to the possibility, and then allow yourself to be curious; to pay attention to those things that are too synchronistic or unusual to be happenstance.

Undesirable Trick

Where there’s light, there’s dark; it’s a universal law and, as such, unavoidable. The low-level realm is inhabited by goblins, demons, and other entities that you truly don’t want to come across either in the light of day or the dark of night.This week offers them an opportunity to prey on those people and places that generate and/or attract darker energies. People who are regularly negative - angry, mean, abusive, etc. - or suffer addictions - alcohol and drug abuse - and places inhabited by them, as well as places that act as energy magnets, for whatever reason, will be ripe for the picking as far as those entities are concerned.If you’re one of that type, or if you live, or work, or otherwise frequent places that seem to attract dark energy, keeping those entities at bay can be achieved by:

  • calling on Archangel Michael for protection
  • saying a prayer of protection
  • paying extra attention to your daily personal grounding, clearing, and protecting routine
  • saging the spaces, if at all possible
  • using cypress and/or hyssop essential oils*

Whether awesome or undesirable, the connections made possible by the thinning veil make for an active and interesting week from a spiritual perspective.

What’s your truth?

Do you celebrate Hallowe'en? If yes: How? Will you take advantage of the thinning veil, and issue open invitations for communication with angels, guides, or in-spirit loved ones?

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