The Word Is Love

The Word Is Love ~ A post by Ellen M. Gregg :: Intuitive ~ Five of Swords from The Starchild Tarot Akashic

Daily card and channeled message: Five of Swords from The Starchild Tarot * Akashic by Danielle Noel, published by @starchildtarot.

“We request a word. The word assigns a trust and a truth. The word assures peace. The word assures care. The word assures hope. The word is love. The word is more potent than any other. Use it with all fervor.”

A song by Peter, Paul & Mary that I haven’t heard in decades comes to mind: “I’ve found a song let me sing it with you / Let me sing it now while the meaning is new / But wouldn’t it be nice if we could sing it together? / Don’t be afraid to sing me your mind / Sing about the joy that I know we can find / Wind them around and see what they sound like together / The song is love…”

Today, let’s put down our sharp words and speak (and sing) only in love.

As Above, So Below

Intuitive Foundation-Laying for 2018

Intuitive Foundation-Laying for 2018