The Wonders of Distance (and Focused) Reiki

The past few days have been Reiki-drenched!  Wednesday night I invited friends to volunteer for distance Reiki sessions and I ended up with 18 volunteers!  I did a couple on Thursday morning, then was busy for the afternoon, then volunteered as a practitioner at a Reiki share that evening.  Friday morning and afternoon I did six more distant sessions, then was out for the evening.  Today I haven't done any distance sessions, but intend to complete my list tomorrow and Monday. 

I did have the opportunity to do some on-the-spot, face-to-face Reiki at a family party, which was very interesting.  A cousin with some lung discomfort received it, as did my stepfather for his neck, and then another cousin whose back was spasming and attempting to go out.  T

he first cousin commented on the extreme heat from my hands; my stepfather's neck pain was relieved and his stiff neck loosened to "normal"; the second cousin's back spasms were stopped and he found (to his surprise and consternation) that he was okay.  He actually looked at me and said, "I feel better and I'm a little freaked out.  I'm going to read more about this."

Back to the distance Reiki.  What I am discovering is, because the person is not physically present, I concentrate more on the "what" rather than the "who".  In doing so, the results seem to be more profound. 

  • The fact that sending Reiki from New Hampshire to a woman in North Carolina can alleviate her lower back, left hip and left ear pain is rather dramatic.  
  • The fact that sending Reiki to a woman in Florida can result in her pneumonia-laden lungs opening for her to take a deep breath is wondrous.  

Somehow that disconnection of shared space seemed to result in a stronger connection and impact.

And then today happened.  Today wasn't about balancing chakras or offering sessions; it became about an immediate need, followed by an immediate response, to a specific concern or pain.  Within a few minutes, in each case, the concern/pain was gone.  That is not what I was taught in Reiki I, II or III.  That is not in the books I've read, to date, on the subject.  This is Reiki working through me and (possibly? maybe?) me directing it in some way.

I look forward to doing more to clarify the questions and thoughts that have been raised, and to offering Reiki to even more people who are in need of its quiet, gentle healing.  Namaste.


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