The Veil No Longer Exists

For those who are subscribed to the Insighter and opted to receive the daily One Light messages I channel, this was today's message, channeled sometime in September:

"Today is Hallowe'en. There was a time this was the day to enjoy the thinnest point of the veil between worlds. We see the veil no longer exists."

The Veil No Longer Exists ~ Reflecting on the removal of the veil which used to thin at Hallowe'en.

The message wasn't a surprise to me, as there have been many energetic shifts during 2016 which changed the "distance" between the human realms and the spirit realms, and the human realms and the angel realms.

Those shifts have made communication with the spirit and angel realms so much easier, for lack of a better descriptive. There's greater ability to receive communications and to carry on full-out conversations with those realms.

The question that came up for me around the message was this:

Was there ever a veil?

Here's the answer to that question:

"We see there was an energetic entrapment which prevented most humans from direct communication with the realms of the spirits and angels.

"We see the entrapment was in place for the purpose of protecting the human energy systems, which were at the times incapable of the frequency of the spirit and angel realms.

"We see the new energies which have overtaken Earth now make the communication possible. We notice the human energies have reassociated themselves to be in this possibility."

So, that tells us that what we perceived - or simply termed - a veil was an actual energetic stop-gap to protect us from the level of communication we can now enjoy.

Protecting the Human Energy Systems

This topic came up with a client during an intuitive reading last week. The very bodies which give us the opportunity to experience human being as a spirit also create a great challenge for a full-fledged spiritual experience as a human.

The human body, up until very recent years, wasn't wired for the types of energies which are required to be experiencing and exhibiting the level of abilities showing up in greater numbers among awakening adults, and which are standard issue to the children being born at this time.

The energies required for humans to be in such deep conversation with the spirit and angel realms are such that without proper preparation the human body can rebel in dramatic ways.

That's why the energetic shifts this year have been so important and so profound. There's an energetic rewiring which has been accomplished for millions of people and will continue until all human energy systems have been rewired.

There are some healers who believe the energetic rewiring affects us at the cellular level. I'm one of them because of what I've witnessed with myself and also with clients.

It's remarkable to consider the scope of what's happening to us here on Earth as our human frames are prepared to rise to levels of awareness and ability unseen for millennia.

Life Without the Veil

Referring to both friends and clients, there's a definite difference in "the way of things" without that buffer in place.

What I've noticed and been told:

  • For those already in communication with the spirit and/or angel realms, there's a sharper connection; more distinct.
  • For those who have been hoping for communication with those realms, the "switch" is now in the ON position.
  • The spirit and angel realms are communicating more fluidly. They're speaking in paragraphs over sentences. They're much more conversational.
  • Other abilities are magnified, too. The ways of energy healing are made much more efficient through opening to the higher realms and surrendering all ego-related mind chatter.
  • The energy systems with which we've worked as energy healers are being upgraded in myriad ways.
  • The connections to crystals and cards and other healing tools is greatly increased. Some are noticing great shifts in the type of tools they're drawn to.
  • Healing crises abound. Those who are on the cusp of overturning the old energies are especially prone to inexplicable health challenges which create a cumulative pool of dis-ease that is very much a healing crisis.

Here's more on these challenges:

"We find there is need to bring forth the energies which have accumulated in the human realms and to expose them to healing and to release them in preparation for the new energies to come. We see in some humans this may result in dis-ease."

Through healing these errant energies, and releasing them from our human energy fields and our auric fields and the Earth's fields, we create more room for the change which will, in time, heal Earth.

Prepare we must for this change, as it will be entering before the end of the year. The powerful new energies will rise, and Earth will rise right along with them, and we will be asked to rise along with her.

No more veil. Happy Hallowe'en. ❤️

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