The Trouble with Troubles

The trouble with troubles... If you immediately - or almost immediately - associated it with this, then you've dated yourself and/or outed yourself as a Star Trek fan.

"We see the human ego is fond of creating troubles where no troubles exist. We see the ego multiplies the troubles in such a way that the human is made to think that there is nothing else. We see there is a need to divest of this behavior."

That's it. That's the entirety of the channeled message.

And I can't help but look back to the Star Trek reference - "The Trouble with Tribbles" - and see that, indeed, tribbles and troubles aren't all that different.

There's a snowball effect when it comes to troubles. Once we start - once our ego starts - creating troubles, they seem to get bigger and broader and deeper and taller until they take over.

Just like tribbles.

The troubles pile up and take over and blind us to the truth.

The Trouble with Troubles

What is the truth?

Here's where the channeled message picks up its thread.

"We see the truth lies within the heart. We see the truth lies within the soul. We see the truth is the troubles are manifestations of the ego which hold on to the human and take it as prisoner. We see the truth is that the troubles which the ego manifests are meant to keep the spirit cornered and shrunken. We see the ego wishes for the spirit to stay in in the dark. We see the ego wishes for the spirit to stay in sleep."

Ahh... Now we see.

We're in a period of near-cataclysmic transformation at this time.

There's so much light pouring in and around and over us that the effect is raising more than just the intended vibration. It's raising the ego like a horse rearing over a snake.

The ego doesn't want the light. The ego doesn't want the work the light brings with it - no matter how blessed it is. It wants to stomp on the light and keep the spirit small and inactive.

We haven't the time for that.

Not anymore. (Not ever, and yet that's a different perspective for a different post.)

We don't have the luxury of shrinking back and allowing our spirits to continue cowering in the corner or slumbering in the tower.

"We see the time has come at which the crossroads give no other options. We see the crossroads are now only two. We see the crossroads lead to either the old ego ways or the new spirit ways."

We're at the point of no return. "Make your choice," demands the Phantom of the Opera of Christine.

What's yours?

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