The Transformation

The transformation is nearing its completion. We see the Ellen has been powered with energies greater than the human can conceive. We see the energies are those which will initiate her soul into the one while it resides within the human body.We see the transformation is ending with the full moon. We see the transformation is ending with the sunset.We see the transformation is a transfiguration which will manifest itself in the emotional and spiritual and physical bodies and will power itself through the light of the sun and the light of the moon and the light of the love which is all that is.We see the Ellen will present herself as the voice of the angels and the spirits. The angels and the spirits wish to speak through her and will make use of the physical frame in its wholeness to this end.We wish for the Ellen to present herself through the power of the light.We wish for the light to power the Ellen. We wish for the light to be the Ellen.We see we will work with the Ellen to commit the light of the one to the Earth. We see this is the legacy of the Ellen. We see this is the commitment of the soul to this lifetime.We see there is great discomfort through the transformation. We see there is great disharmony with the ego body. We see the ego body will repeal itself to the light in the face of the transformation.We wish for all to understand the importance of this transformation. We see the Ellen represents the one. The one is the light. The one is the love. The one is the power of all that is and all that was and all that will ever be.

The Transformation ~ The process of spiritual surrender ends.It seems I've been outed. (Again?) And that's okay. It's become okay.The ego is less apt to be in a state of upset when I'm guided to channel something through writing or video, or in client sessions.And it's less apt to warn me of the "dangers" of being so present and aware and in flow.And it's more apt to trust that it won't be "hurt" in the process of... all of this; this remarkable journey which has introduced me to the energies of the ascended masters and the archangels and the elementals.There's some solace for my ego in the sense that there's more peace to be found in the scope of it all. There's more restfulness.I find that the process of this transformation, which started a little over a year ago, has helped me to be more open to sharing the nuances - subtle and not so subtle - of what might also be termed spiritual surrender.Today is a day I've been prepped for in ways too powerful and unreal in the Earthly sense to detail. Suffice to say that those who've been advised of each step are in watchfulness; holding heart and holding space and holding light.I have no idea how I will be after today. I may not be all that different from what I am at this point in time. Then again...So. Onward I travel on this magnificent and always surprising journey which began in 2009 and began anew in 2013 and began anew once again in 2015.

To Be or To Be

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