The Tarot Deck That's Blocking Me

As part of my participation in Ethony's 31 Days of Tarot, I'm to share the Tarot deck that's blocking me.31 Days of Tarot, Day 29: The Tarot Deck That's Blocking MeThere's only one problem with that. There isn't any Tarot deck blocking me.However, it raises a good question: Why would a reader feel blocked by a Tarot or oracle deck?When I consider the question just raised, the one answer that comes to mind is this: The deck won't be of service for the query at hand, or the querent who's being read for.From that perspective, I can definitely see that my guides have steered me away from decks I *thought* would work for a particular question or client.Instead, they've pointed me to the deck - or decks - that will best serve the question and/or the client.For example: It might be that a question seems an obvious job for a Tarot deck. When the time comes for picking the deck to work with, I'm steered to an oracle deck instead.Another example: It could be that a specific deck seems tailor-made for a client. When the time comes to work with or for the client, the deck that's chosen may appear completely the opposite of what's needed.The important factor about both examples is that it's thought - my human thinking - leading the way, until it isn't. Thinking a certain deck simply must be "the one" does both the question and the client a disservice.My human thinking, powered by ego, has no place in the workings of Tarot or oracle readings, and that includes the choice of what decks to work with.Thank goodness for my guides. Thank goodness for my intuition. Thank goodness I ask and allow.Through that surrender to the divinity within me, the questions and the clients receive what is for the highest good.

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